Where My Nebraska T-dawgs/vixens at?

Okay, I know that Cy, Jason B, TeddyKGB, Brady, and Jill are from Nebraska…who else? I’m all by my lonesome down here in G.I. Cy, you mentioned awhile ago that you might be doing a show…which one? Is it the Heartland by chance? I go to Omaha periodically…I’d love to meet you guys and catch a workout or something.

Wow, I really AM all alone. Come on, fellow Huskers…send a shout out!

No, not the Heartland, that’s a drug free contest. :slight_smile: THen again, I’ve been off for over 3 months, so maybe I will. Joking. I don’t like the guy running the Heartland. Not only that, but I trained the guy who was the first runner up and who’ll certainly win this year. The only thing is that he runs around Omaha telling everyone how he hasn’t used anything, androgens are bad, he has great genetics, people are jealous, etc., but I saw him popping Anadrol before his powerlifting meet just 3 months prior to the contest. Hell he calls me daily to ask about clearance times because he forgot what I told him the day before! He must ask me ten times per month if I can “hook him up” and how he has a “connection.” What a joke. So much for “natural” contests here. Grand Island huh? Any meth busts lately? lol Just kidding. I’m heading to Kearney(UNK) next weekend to visit my cousin and her roomies. Oh and it’s just a coincidence that my ex lives there…or at least that’s what I told Amanda and Megan. :slight_smile: If you’re ever planning on coming to Omaha, let me know in advance and we’ll hit a workout together. Jason B is usually in the gym at the same time as me. His wife is a cutie…lucky bastard.
Hope you guys didn’t get all the snow we did, as driving conditions are terrible right now.

Yeah, I know all about the Heartland being “drug free.” Just ask Chuck Graziani three years ago. You ain’t kidding about the meth busts…we must be the freakin’ capital of dope. I work at GNC and you wouldn’t believe how many UA flushes and inositol powder we sell. It’s truly sad. Snow? We got all that and more…luckily it’s melting pretty well today. Actually I’m toying with doing the Heartland…it would be my first show. The novice division, of course. I have the leanness but lack of size might hurt. I’ll let you know if I’ll be down your way anytime soon…I’d love to hit a real workout with some guys that know what the hell is going on. Don’t party too hard in Kearney this weekend…there’s usually plenty of that going on there. Peace.

I’m out in western Nebraska. Nothing much out here.

Yeah, Chuck Graziano was on a heavy amount of “supplements” lol. He did look awesome though, I’d say he could have easily won an NPC show as well. He was very large and lean. He’s a cool guy(was a groomsmen in my friend’s wedding) and the person who ultimately won, (Lamont) is a great guy as well but truly is a genetic freak.
Good luck if you do the Heartland. Stay in touch bud.

Nebraska? Who the hell is from Nebraska? Just kidding. I live in Staten Island, but I am from there, Beatrice. My father was born in Western and died in Lewiston.

Hey Nebraskans, I am from across the river over in Iowa! I have been asked by the Heartland promoter to do his show several times, but never have! Mostly because I live in Iowa City and didn’t want to travel that far! Glad I didn’t now. If any of you ever wander eastward into Iowa City area, let me know, we can catch a workout or something. In faith - Matt

That’s cool, Matt. I resided in Sioux City for a while too…actually only four months while I was at Briar Cliff on a soccer scholarship. I got homesick and ended up coming back to NE. I’ll keep ya posted if I’m ever in the neighborhood.