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Where Is This Quote From?


"Nothing is more expensive then regret."

I wrote this down once years ago and I dont know where I read it, has anyone heard it before?


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Van Halen


oh, and it's "than"


Van Halen lyrics.

It may have been said by someone a little more inspiring at some point.


blasphemy :smiley:


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I think it was dizzy_liz

at least at the Dr Phil forums, she claims ownership of this quote



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There is nothing more expensive than regret

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Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.

You'll notice too, how she cunningly uses the 'Today is the first day.... blah blah blah' quote as well.

Google is your friend.

\|/ 3Toes


Shit. I always thought divorce was way more expensive.

PS Van Halen rock, but only when David Lee Roth was is it. Sammy Hagar sucked!!


A lot of people think this, but as someone who was introduced to both frontman's music all at once, I really think this is a bunch of BS.

They both kick ass!

Speaking of this, I see BON JOVI in two days. I'm rediculously addicted to 80's ROCK.


Tony Robbins had a similar quote, something like: The pain / discipline / fear weighs once, and regret weighs tons.


The 80's rocked. I just bought 2 Ronnie James Dio and one WASP album. Training to songs like "Fuck like a Beast" is great fun.


Fuckin A you guys are right! It was Van Halen.




Could one say Valerie Bertanelli was the Yoko Ono of Van Halen?

or would that be a stretch?


You know why divorce is so expensive right?

Because it's worth it.


Them sounds like fighting words my friend.

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I dunno kinda..not nearly on that type of scale though!


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Ask me nicely enough and I can be whatever you want me to be!