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Where is the Weakness?

Hi guys

I’m not a powerlifter and I don’t normally do box squats, so apologies if this is a really dumb question

One of my students (age 16, front row in rugby union) can squat to a good depth with a straight back, but he is leaning so far forward (like he is doing a good morning) that I have to come in each time to help him get back up (this is with very light weight)

As soon as I get him to do a box squat, he has absolutely no problems in staying upright.

So my question is, where is he weak? Or what else could be the cause of this


Without a video hard to say. But I would guess with a free squat he is staying in a rather athlethic close stance and probably getting on his toes even if you can see it due to his shoes. This can force weight heavily forward making him essentially do A Squat Good Morning. How ever with a box I’m guessing he is standing just slightly wider in order to sit on the box correctly. Also he is probably actually sitting back and keeping the weight on his heels therefore allowing a much more upright position and leverage gain. I do it myself. My box squat is better looking and heavier than a back free squat.

Thanks for the Reply. I will get a video of him next time. He’s actually got his feet quite wide on both

he has no weakness, he has long legs, and with a box squat you don’t have to keep the bar over your center of mass, being your feet, but rather you can stop yourself from falling back as the box changes center of mass to the box itself… if that makes sense.

He simply has long legs, or you’re getting him to try to do a power squat, instead of an olympic squat.

Its all just proportions man.

But I’d be more than happy to watch the video in case i’m full of shit.