Where Is The UN?

In regards to tsunami disaster relief, I wondered the same thing.

This blog, run by career US Foreign Service officers, offers a perspective:


“More on “The UNcredibles”: WFP (World Food Program) has “arrived” in the capital with an “assessment and coordination team.” The following is no joke; no Diplomad attempt to be funny or clever: The team has spent the day and will likely spend a few more setting up their “coordination and opcenter” at a local five-star hotel. And their number one concern, even before phones, fax and copy machines? Arranging for the hotel to provide 24hr catering service. USAID folks already are cracking jokes about “The UN Sheraton.” Meanwhile, our military and civilians, working with the super Aussies, continue to keep the C-130 air bridge of supplies flowing and the choppers flying, and keep on saving lives – and without 24hr catering services from any five-star hotel…”

Will be interesting to see how this develops. If the UN stays behind the curve during this entire project, serious questions must be raised about the competence of the leadership - or should I say, even more questions.

After all, the Iraq war was riddled with politics - the tsunami disaster is not. Humanitarian disasters - while tragic - should be the easiest task of the UN to take on.