Where Is the Fiber?

Wondering where the fiber in diet is. Maybe 10-15 grams in solid meal total for day.

Fiber really isn’t necessary and it’s debatable if it’s even a good thing. Low fiber meals tend to be easily digestible.

I know there’s a lot of debate over whether it’s necessary, but I think with the Velocity diet it’s more that with all them liquid calories, fiber isn’t that needed to help carry that stuff along.


This, exactly.

If you try the diet, you’ll soon find out why you don’t need much fibre.

Keep in mind that each scoop of Metabolic Drive also provides a gram of fiber.

If you think you need more fiber than the solid meal would add, feel free to have a serving of sugar-free psyllium (Metamucil) to one of the shakes. Most don’t find it necessary, but it’s an option.

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In the original V Diet, I add Metamucil to one or two drinks a day. I’m not sure it was good or bad, but it made the vanilla flavor (I use sugar free orange flavored Metamucil) taste pretty good.

One thing: year in, year out (decade in, decade out), I eat a lot of fiber, fermented foods, veggies, and fruits. For 28 days…on the original plan…I did not. Chris noted in DC that the V Diet teaches you to enjoy food again. The boon for me of the V Diet was the brain changes.

You will love the taste of veggies after a month. Chris craved broccoli, as I recall. For me, it was green leafy salads.

As I said the first time around: YES, there are physical changes. But the V Diet’s greatest gift is what it does between the ears.


I add psyllium husk powder to as many or as few shakes as I please. If I recall correctly from a T-Nation article, psyllium husk powder is one of those things you can take as much or as little of as desired.

Just make sure you consume it right away…if you mix it for later, you’ll regret it!

Correct! Gets a little goopy if it sits around too long.

I am the same way.


Ayoooo lololol