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Where is the fat going?

Hey guys. I know the Atkins diet is like a sin among boybuilders. But I decided to do it. Anyways… My question is… Im in the induction phase and I was testing positive for ketones in my urine the day before my workout. A few hours after my wokout i was testing negative. I heard that if you dont supply your muscles with enough carbs your body actually sends fat to the muscle. Is this true? Is my fat going to my muscles? Hope someone has some information. Thanks

that doesn’t make much sense… tho fat converted into energy that your muscles can use does go into muscles. Otherwise without carbs you couldn’t move around. So yes it does go into your muscles if you want the generalyzation magical faerie answer. I wouldn’t say that the atkins diet is a sin amoung us… its just that its too mainstream… and when I watch commercials for it on tv I yell back at the tv with the truth and what not… fun times…

dont bother with the ketosticks, they are a waste of space.
Since you will be providing you body less energy than it needs, fat will be getting used by the muscles (good) either directly or indirectly (as ketone bodies)
Urine is a crap measure, because after a time period, the body improves its reabsorbtion of the ketones, resulting in less excreted.

Hope you mean your doing a Cyclical Keto Diet and not a true Atkins Diet! But anyway the probable reason is that Keto sticks measure the free ketones but after working out you have utilised all free ketones for energy. Therefore you’ll show up negative, which doesn’t mean you’re not in ketosis.
Don’t worry about where the fat goes because while in keto you can’t store it anyway, which is the whole point of the diet in the first place. Your muscles will actually be using it for fuel and without insulin you can’t store fat. One problem with not enough carbs is that you can’t maintain high intensity exercise such as weight training which is necessary to avoid inevitable muscle wastage of reduced calorie diet (even a muscle sparing ketogenic diet). That is why I would hope you are doing a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet.

I wish it weren’t true, but you made a mistake. Yes, you can store fat without insulin. I don’t know the physiology behind it, but if you eat a 6500cal/day keto diet, you can and will still gain fat, correct? Just thought I’d clear that up.

Carbs are well known to generate insulin but proteins will also cause an insulin response by themselves. Most on keto diet eat high protein, so insulin is still present in some quantity. Protein is also converted to glucose through glucogenisis which will generate even more insulin. So well it’s true that insulin is low most of the time on keto diet, insulin is still present. Also, fat storage has more to do with energy balance - anytime taking in more calories than expending, fat will be stored. You need energy balance.

kings right, besides insulin mediated pathways, there ARE other ways to store fat.

Post workout stress hormones and excitatory hormones (cortisol, epi, norepi) cause a raise in blood glucose on their own. you have liver stores of glycogen also.