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where is the best place to live in the USA?









crime rates


Ive already lived in Boston and SF and found the wethear not to my liking, + they are little bit too pricey, but both are buetifull with a short drive to scenery and what not and a lot of stuff to do.

what about:


North carolina

San diego


some little stephen king town in maine? (eric cressey lives in one no?)



South florida.

end of story


Capitola, Ca.


If you can stand the dry heat Arizona is great.


San Diego is great but expensive. There was a thread awhile back that I started about Seattle and Denver -- you should look there. Lots of nice things were said about Denver.





Sorry guys but why live in the states when you can live in Thailand :wink:


san diego.


I've lived in both Northern and Southern California as well as North Carolina.

I'll always consider Nor-Cal home, but it has its drawbacks. The weather in SF tends to be foggy.

Southern California has great weather, but is pricey and crowded.

North Carolina is surprisingly nice, but the weather can be unpredictable. Sunny one day, rain the next.

Go with San Diego. You'll get a nice tan and see plenty of beautiful women.


I heard the Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona area is supposed to be pretty nice. I'm an ocean guy personally which is why I wish I could live in San Diego/La Jolla area. If I can only get a work visa/Greencard damnit!! If any gym owners want a quality trainer and are willing to sponsor for work visa, please PM me. :slightly_smiling:


San Diego, I moved here five years ago and I doubt I will ever leave. And yes there is a lot of beautiful women, good waves, and you almost couldn't ask for better weather. Plus it's a short hop to the border.


Denver...You get all four seasons in full and lots to do if you are active.

I lived in SoCal, traffic sucks BIG TIME. Although San Diego is very nice but it has one of the highest crime rates per capital, but the waves are decent and the woman are hot. Calif does have IN-N-OUT ... hmmmm

Naaa give me Colorado any time

The sunsets are amazing.... :wink:


San Diego has a high crime rate? Bummer. I've been thinking about moving there.

Still have to check it out for myself though.


Spanker- I don't know if you're considering NYC, and I could write for hours about NYC, but if you enjoy your car, here are a few thoughts:

-Highest auto insurance rates in the nation
-6-8 dollar tolls at most bridges and all tunnels
-Some of the highest gas prices in the nation
-some of the worst traffic in the nation
-difficult parking in Manhattan and many other neighborhoods
-outrageous garage fees....
-parking tickets start at $105

NYC is not the place for drivers!
So if you plan on not having a car, cool. Otherwise.....