Where is Tanner?

He posts on youtube but hasnt been here awhile.This forum was off to a nice start but has dried up.

Bro I am here! I AM SO SORRY!! I’ve been spreading myself too thin lately but I promise I am here and will be more present on this forum!!


Tell me is there anything I can help you with?

Tanner has been sending us some cool stuff for the 'gram too:

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Good to have you back,Coach.
How would you construct a template combining strength with some hypertrophy(to battle sarcopenia) for an older(65) lifter?Thanks for reading.

Thanks for sharing that @Chris_Shugart ! I am going to make sure I am more active on this forum 100% Still a new form of social media for me :rofl:

looks good–thanks,Coach

Just as an aside, I think @RT_Nomad is your age or older, and a long time sarcopenia sufferer with countless years of experience programming around it.

I always second guess myself with specific referrals like this so Nomad, if I misquoted your age or condition I apologize. Figured you’d be a great resource here.

I am 73 years old now. I have been fighting a losing battle against sarcopenia since I turned 60. I am always looking for something to slow the muscle wasting progression.

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I assume you’re taking HRT correct?

Yes. My total testosterone tests consistently in the 500’s (ng/dL) in the trough. Injections every 5 days of 100mg of testosterone cypionate.

This is not my area of expertise. I am far younger than you and have not had to deal with issues of sarcopenia yet. Although I know “father time” catches us all no matter what. I have also heard that human growth hormone can be effective for delaying the aging process, so that may be worth discussing with your doctor (I could be completely wrong however) but I would also recommend increasing your protein intake to as much as possible, as that will also help you retain more lean body mass. Ultimately you are fighting a losing battle (we all are) but the HGH and high protein diet may be worthy considerations.

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