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Where is Rob Schuh?


I've been reading some of the old stuff from the archives, and how I missed Schuh's stuff is beyond me. Every article is an absolute gem. I gather that he had some health problems and had a kidney transplant. That combined with the fact his articles just seem to have dropped off leads me to ask what ever happened to him?

Edit: I don't know how I managed to post this with a jacked up title, but I did. It's better now.


I'm going to bump this because I really want to know.

And I'm forgoing a Google search in case the answer is something I'd rather hear from the Nation, if you catch my drift.


He still posts on a couple of Usenet forums and is still pretty negative about T-Nation/Biotest from what I recall.


As long as the guy's still alive, I just didn't want to do a Google search and find out the guy kicked the bucket. I'd rather hear that hear.

But seeing as how that isn't the case, I'm no longer worried about it.