Where is Ricardo Arona?

Was watching Best of Pride after UFC tonight and now Im wondering where is this guy? another federation? retired??

According to wikipedia he got his last fight in bitetti in september 2009.
Haven’t seen him since then, but I really liked his fighting, hope to see him return soon!

his last fight was against marvin eastman, he won. yeah i’d like to see him back, great takedowns and top control, good elbows. would do well in a cage seeing as these days you can win fights with just a takedown and giving minimal damage(he would obviously bust people up with his elbows tho)

He had an injury I believe and will be out until the end of the year. I’m sure he is signing with the ufc he said in an interview he had good talks with them and will likely be with them when he comes back. This was definitly said in one of his interviews. But why not announce the signing now and let the hype begin?

that would be awesome, i don’t see many people stopping his takedowns but maybe he would be good at middleweight only problem is he has no fat to lose, and who knows maybe a rematch with rampage.

Arona is retired like Paulo Filho is.

They don’t want to evolve or fight anymore, Paulao is depressed and i doubt he will fight at Bellator as for Arona, Brazilian Midia loves to talk to him, and he LOVES to say how he got ROBBED all his fights and that he will make his comeback on year ______(insert any year we are right now), and how the UFC are scared of putting him in the cage.

last i heard, ufc wasnt too keen in signing him, dana white stated that he doesnt like arona’s game. mainly his fights are not as high impact compared to other LWH… but it would be great to see him and wanderlei silva square off again.

He is more into surfing and climbing than fighting, he lives near paulao in a great beach on rio de janeiro called itaquatiara, funny enough one of his sponsors is quicksilver(a big surfing company)

I had heard he was making a comeback as well. I know it’s an older fight, but his fight with Henderson was pretty exciting, atleast the HL of it. Alot of reversals, and both guys came out setting a pretty good pace. I can’t seem to find a longer version of it, though.

I have the video i recorded from his last fight against Marvin Eastman here at Brazil, anyone interested to see?

The guy beat Fedor when Fedor was in his prime. (I know, I know, the decision didn’t go his way, but watch the fight.) I’d like to see him a again.