where is my power rack?

the worst possible thing happened to me today. I train at a gym that has a room seperate from everyone else where they have a power rack, a really good bench and a ton of 45 pound, and 100 pound plates. I along with at least a dozen other powerlifters use this room every day for squats, deads, benches, gdmornings, or any other power movement. Today i go to train, walk into my sanctuary and to my shocking surprise there is no equipment in there and the walls have a sky and clouds painted on them. WHAT THE FUCK!! I go to the front desk and ask te owner what the hell is up, and he tells me tey are converting it to a room for a weekly spinning class. THEY PUT THE RACK IN STORAGE!! Needless to say I, along with my powerlifting comrades are very upset. This causes a major inconvienince. NO FUCKING SQUAT RACK!! I would like to hear your comments about this atrocity maybe i’ll show your replies to the gym owner, or better yet maybe he is looking at this forum!

Tell him you signed up to his gym because of the rack, plates, etc. And now he has gotten rid of them. You and your biddies should ask for your money back. At least this way he’ll see how many people care. Not to mention tell him he’ll lose “returning” customers. Spinners wont be here in 2 years.

Horance when you are killing the owner dood… look into his eyes for that moment when he realizes that he is going to die. Then finish him 3 secs later.

have a threesome with his daughter and wife, and donkeypunch both. then during the spinning class take a big shit in the room and start throwing it at people till they leave and you can squat again.

As Roman said, demand your money back. If the owner refuses, based on the contract, point out to him (or her) that the changes to the facility constitute a breach of contract (kind of like a bait and switch). Get together with the other PLers and have all of them do the same.

…YEAH…what they all said…Seriously, take a look at your contract and see if indeed this move constitutes a breech, begin a petition and have it signed by the other members who feel the same way as you. And lastly, man oh man, I HATE them Spinning classes…LIke, “round and round, and NO WHERE we’ll go…”

Personally, I’d swing to the outright revenge … guess I’m too shallow to give proper advice!

Seriously, complain. Get your associates to complain. Get a buddy (who doesn’t go there) to come in and ask if he can do his powerlifting there. Then hog the normal gym area.

Ya know… I bet you could get your membership refunded… you had joined a gym with, at the time, facilities you were looking for. If the owner of the gym removes equipment that in part, you had joined up for, he should refund the balance of your membership. Get you and your buddies to confront him on this and demand that either he puts back the gym the way it was, or refund… you’ve basically signed a lease for use of someone else’s property. What he’s done is nothing short of like leasing a car and then, later on, the manufacturer takes away the engine.

What’s spinning?? I’m not up on that sort of stuff because I’m not into spineless pansy training. :slight_smile:

I would try to get your money back, but I would definitely send a messsage by quitting, and taking your business elsewhere. Spinning is a group stationary bike class.

So other leg moves instead of squats. People seem to this it is “the only” thing for legs. In my 3 yrs. of leg training, I squatted for 1 month. My legs are my genetic strongpoint, and they aren’t really needed for me. Maybe you don’t “have” to do them either. I know we men especially get “ego tied” to favorites, but that sometimes, is to a disadvantage. I have more legs than about 70-80% of men that hit the free weight room anyway. It is my upper bod that lags! Find alternates, see if you realy “have” to do them. Only you will know.

One third of the sport of powerlifting is made up of squatting. We have to squat to practice our sport. It is essential for us to develop the form and speed needed for a maximum attempt. -


I hate to say this and its truly sad, but spinning is probably more profitable to the gym than a powerlifting room. Is your gym a serious gym or more of a family fitness gym? Are there any other gyms that you can switch to nearby that have the equipment you need? I’m sort of lucky I guess because although my gym is a family fitness gym it does have a lot of high school, college and professional athletes as clients so they actually removed the spinning room and put in “fast twitch” and more olympic lift equipment.

Arrived I maybe talkin from my Bally total fitness newbie behind, but DUH! most doods period have better upper body development than lower. Think about it… lessay you have 4 days that you train a week, you train 3 for upper body and 1 for legs. Plus most doods go for biceps, chest and ignore the rest.

For the love of god go postal on them. That is absurb what they did. I can not believe he did that. You need to start a petition or tell the owner that you and your friends will go else where if he does not set the equipment back up. Good god I am sick of stupid people doing stupid things. I am sorry to hear this happened to you…you could always join a spinning class and get in great shape. NOT WHAT THE FUCK. Someone is gonna get there ass kicked one of these days for doing shit like this. I swear to god it is ridiculous. Hope things work out for ya man.

Horace, I feel for ya! Just three weeks ago I walked into my gym to where the incline bench should have been, and found a room totally empty but for 6 toning beds! Like WFT? All the equipment had been squashed into an adjacent room so that you couldn’t lift a barbell without knocking the teeth out of the next guy. I started off by moving 2 or 3 benches and a whole bunch of weughts back into the empty room. I asked a couple of guys what their opinions where, who felt the same but had said nothing. I went to the desk to ask what the crack was, and expressed my (our) feelings. The next day I did the same with the person on the desk that day, and each time I saw a new person behind the desk I repeated the performance. I asked everyone I spoke to if they would do the same. So far they haven’t moved the benches… I asked the person tonight what they planned (sunbeds etc) and they added with a nervous smile ‘but not if we keep getting this many complaints’. Now I’m not a big guy, and I’m not agressive either, but this really got to me and I could not just stand down. Normally I’d have said nothing and just voted with my feet, but the only other gyms around here are all high tech with credit card swipes to tell you who you are and how many reps you should do, with a little LED that comes on to tell you when you’re done (like I don’t Know when I’m done?). This battle isn’t won, and it may never be. I think in your case I’d at least do some quick numbers to see where they earn there money from, then frame it to your best possible advantage. Wishing you luck. If all else fails, at least you get to buy some pretty lycra for legs day :o)

I say if he doesn’t give you your money back you should at least go pull some juvenille pranks on his house or car. I.E. letting the air out of his tires, taking out his seats, put a bunch of tacs on his front yard, put mayonaisse (sp) in a bunch of rubbers around his yard, plant some bras and women’s undies in his car so his wife will find them, etc. They would all be good alternatives. If there are a lot of you powerlifters it sounds like this is your oppurtunity to pool your money and make a home gym. Thus the birth of a new powerlifting club. Spinning is sissy pansy bullshit.

Buy the damn squat rack from him.

Jay gets the prize for coming up with the most obvious answer that EVERY ONE ELSE OVERLOOKED! (brider slaps himself in the face, saying “Why didn’t I think of that?”)

Are you serious about the little card thing? Man, that is funny. I lift at the university athletic weightroom so I never get to see stuff like that.