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Where is MBE?

What ever happened to our favorite primate MBE?
His posts always made my day.

Was he sold for animal research?

  I hate to say this...

  MBE where are you? My favorite nemesis is gone... Who else am I to annoy with my southpark terminator pic?

  Oh well... Im sure he'll be back.

Has also been looking for monkey boy eric. :wink:

nkeago snorting mystical crack since today as well as ripping off MBE’s famous taglines hokey ass shit since 0001 muthafucka. :wink:

He’s around, I think he hasn’t been posting cause he’s been very busy.

He’s busy carving through the streets of NYC w/ Coach Davies’ Carving board. :wink:

I’ve got your MBE right here.

His last post, that cool poem, hinted that he might be a bit disillusioned by the current theme on the boards.

But knowing the primate, who knows?

I’ve always been amused by people who feel that it’s necessary to take a break from the stresses of an online message board. If you become disillusioned by what you read on this website, you take yourself much too seriously. Choke on that banana.

Psst: Perhaps MBE will respond.

Methinks that Poo is on to something…

I miss that rotten little Bastard too…



~ Missing tha’ Monkey since tha’ Monkeys been missing…