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Where is KSman?

seriously, havent seen him in ages.

What happened.

Did he die?

No. He left a good bye note last week in the trt forum. He will be missed. Sorry I don’t have the tech skills to cut and paste his note but I’m sure someone will.

Check out this thread:

Is @ksman still around?

No. He left.

He advocated a lowered e2 and caught a ton of flack for it. Right or wrong.

He was a wealth of knowledge and went out of his way to try to help.

He was run out of here and quite frankly don’t blame him.

Is there any way to get in touch with him?

I doubt it.
I wish he’d return. He had some good insight.

People on this forum need to be more open minded about others’ experiences and thoughts on trt administration.

We’re all guinea pigs here. There definitely is not a cookie cutter approach. But to attack and drive away members is doing a huge disservice to what the function of this forum should be.


Who is the next best person to take advice from on this forum?

In my opinion probably systemlord

Systemlord is good. Very knowledgeable.

Do you have blood work you’d share?

Was he attacked? My impression is that he was condescending and attacked others who dared to disagree with him. Regardless, I agree that his decision to leave was disappointing.

I think it is important to keep in mind that, just like everything in the world, especially health care, hormone restoration practices are constantly evolving. It’s good to consider all aspects.


I think him and physio were really aggressive to one another. Who started it, I don’t know. I guess it’s irrelevant.

I remember that, I think it started with physio posting about estradiol from an anti aromatase inhibitor position.

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Systemlord has already passed his verdict. Though he may be correct. I differ from him. Hope is a silly thing. He feels that i have week pituitary while i want to attempt a restart before finally accepting it.

Nowhere near as capable as KSman, but thank you for the compliment.

It did get hostile between more than one member. I think it’s silly to get all worked up over members attacking you, let your position be known and move on. There are always going to be those who disagree and expecting everyone to play the same tune is unrealistic.

And this is what ksman expected. He wanted what he preached. That’s it. Not his fault. That’s all he knew and he was stuck on it.

E2=22. Tsh=1 . iodine replacement. Taking an AI at the start of any trt. He even had a formula to determine how much more or less of ai you needed to get to 22. Unfortunately, All bad advice that he kept giving.

He did offer other knowledge that was helpful.

And the forum director may have indirectly elevated his member status due to making his posts stickies. So his advice was taken much more seriously than anyone else.


I think he wanted to have the forum go is his direction (E2=22) and because people pushed back, he felt there was no point to continue. KSman was very knowledgeable in a lot of areas and this forum is less without him.


Nope. He popped in to say so a few weeks ago. A Blast from the Past

Why? Seriously and non-rhetorically, I’m wondering why you’d seek out one guy whose credentials are teaching himself some questionably effective TRT ideas and racking up a high post count on a forum, when there are tons of other resources available.

I suggest not looking to follow single “guru”. There are easily a half-dozen guys on the site giving very solid advice, and plenty more you can learn from. There are also knowledgable and experienced professional TRT practitioners posting their info online.

Post your questions in the TRT forum (preferably keeping as much in one thread as possible since everything’s connected), continue doing your own research, and bounce ideas off guys here on the site.

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Lolno. He chose to stop posting rather than defending his self-taught, n=1 advice when called out by more experienced posters.

There was a thread a while back where I asked for any evidence to support his being “run out” and nobody came up with anything remotely significant. The reality ended up being the guy simply wasn’t able to defend his advice against fair criticism, which is a scary place to be when we’re dealing with something as important as manipulating hormones.

The stickies were made at the request of forum members, but I do get how that could be the impression. We’re looking in to revamping them for accuracy and effectiveness.


Not when your giving out advice that is legitimately causing harm. There is no “magic” number for e2. Which was touted as gospel.

When I asked him why someone would want to use an AI with starting protocol, he ridiculed me and said that “those numbers aren’t necessary” Meaning, you should never even attempt just Test alone, and should ALWAYS use anastrazole to get to 22 E2. LMFAO how stupid this sounds now.

But he was such a respected member, everyone listened, and so many people got fucked up.

There are threads where dudes messed up their thyroid PERMANENTLY because they followed his advice and took iodine. Lmao. He even jokes about it in his goodbye letter. Really funny, I bet those dudes are laughing.

The pure arrogance from him when he was confronted was absolutely ridiculous.

This is exactly what happened.