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Where is KSman!?

I’m just coirious @KSman was a big contributor to this place and we all ow him a lot! I haven’t see him post in a while…? Is he okay? Just wanted to see if all is well with him…?

it’s complicated but KSMAN had a dispute with Dr Sir (a medical professional), of which a mild argument ensued. The argument was based over some of the cut and paste responses and ideologies KSMAN pushed.

While helpful in spreading awareness about the potential benefits of TRT, KSMAN dispensed advice that had the potential to harm many

  • The inclusion of Iodized salt was BS, if this was really such a huge problem, 99.9 % of the populace would have massive goitres.
  • 1MG Anastrozole per 100mg test/wk was BS, AI’s are dangerous drugs that should be used as a last resort, only people with genetic mutations, completely fucked up livers and obesity really require them (for the latter one should try lose weight before employing the use of an AI)
  • TSH “optimisation” is BS, there’s nothing wrong (typically) with a TSH of 1-2.5, some people have a TSH of 3+ yet still have normal thyroid function, TSH changes dramatically based on daily feedback loops
  • I’m unsure who started the whole SHBG indicates doses and frequency of injections, however that is also (in my opinion) BS, and is an unfounded claim.

Whether he is well, who knows, I hope he’s in good health and all, however given the anonymous nature of these forums it’s impossible to determine whether an individual is in good health after a sudden dissapearance. Sometimes they are, sometimes they aren’t

KSMAN should come back if he’s alright, this is a community and thus no one should be alienated (so long as they aren’t malicious or insulting). Differing opinions are welcome as long as they aren’t pushed as being the only viable solution. (however if the opinions are unfounded or lacking in credibility be expected to face backlash and/or criticism)

Like nandrolone and joint pain, I found it helped when I tried it, yet I’d never recommend it to anyone due to the risks associated with the use of the drug and only (very weak) body of scientific evidence proposing it’s effectiveness

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I was curious about this as well. I questioned the iodine deal considering he never recommended anyone get a blood test to find out if you were deficienct. It’s risky just supplements. You have to take any advice on this group with a grain of salt… No pun intended. His recomendation to start with an ai before you found out if you even need one was strange. His old posts are still all over this forum still giving people bad advice from his past. Those should be removed along with stickies.

well, thank you for the feedback and this huge update to be honest… his part on HTPA restart is still accurate or debatable?

Also AI usage should only start after doing TRT and seeing where your E2 stands if I’m not mistaken?

@guyali @unreal24278

Apparently it takes a massive amount of effort to change the stickies. A bit over 6 months ago I led the effort to change the sticky on initial protocol. See below. It took a poll and convincing to do this. But we got the AI removed from this as part of the starting protocol.

But you are right. Many search old posts and the misguided info is everywhere.

When I was uneducated on this stuff I pointed folks to the stickies , but no more. Mods should not leave them as a stickie. Them doing so leads user to believe they carry a degree of accuracy and importance.
There are many other awesome , accurate , fact based, myth debunking threads that should be stickies if we have to have stickies.

Before use of ai you need symptoms not just a lab number, you need to try to lower dose (if free t acceptable), lose weight if lots of fat.

Initially I was led to believe e2 need to be closer to 22. That is wrong. Many feel great in the 30s and higher.

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I do appreciate all the feedback! I will re visit the sticky’s, but as far as I saw the HTPA restart still requires 0.5mg AI per week…