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So now that my strength goals will have to hit the sidelines for a bit I'm looking for a workout plan to help me regain my mass. So what better plan to follow than this I, BODYBUILDER?

But the catch is that it was supposed to be released, what a month ago maybe more? Is this project still alive or is it dead and just still up as an advertisement? I'm hoping it will be available by the time I can lift heavy again in 4 to 6 weeks!


Maybe LiveSpill ate it.


Powerlifter following I, BODYBUILDER...........


Why not use Wendlers 5/3/1 with Cephs bodybuilding template ?


I lost 25 pounds due to being in the hospital for 2 weeks and I can't lift heavy for 6 weeks post surgery. After the 6 weeks they doc's don't want me powerlifting for a few more months so to get my weight back up and to try something new I wanted to give this a shot.


I see, well i wish you a speedy recovery in that case.

And as far as i am aware this is not due till mid-late September.

Which particular part are you not allowed do though, heavy singles ?

I mean I, BODYBUILDER i would presume will still need heavy weights..........


This makes no sense.

You can't "powerlift" for months...but in your mind, serious bodybuilding training is somehow less intense?



Aren't bodybuilders weak half-assers?




Gee I'm sorry professor do you use powerlifting gear in your training? Do you train heavy singles in the deadlift on a regular basis?


I'm pretty damn sure I never said bodybuilding was less instense, rather I am limited on some of the exercises I can do. But thanks for putting words in my mouth jackass.


No, I bench press over 450lbs on a weekly basis and move up to 11 plates a side on a squat machine for leg day. You seem to be missing the point here. That being that I TRAIN HARD AS DOES ANYONE ELSE SERIOUS ESPECIALLY SOMEONE LIKE CT. That means a program designed to be more intense than most, so much so that supplements are needed just to recover from all of it...sounds to you like something the doctors who told you not to powerlift would agree with?

Kid, I'm a doctor who is more than likely stronger than you. Nothing you wrote made any damn sense unless you for some strange reason think big arms are built with less intensity than you have trained with.


No but they sure like to jump to conclusions


Aren't you a dentist?


I sure am...which is why they call me "doctor".

Wait, you think dentists went to school and avoided learning about the entire body?


when they first mentioned I, BODYBUILDER, i believe CT said it was going to take another 4-6 weeks for them to post the actual lifting/nutrition routine. I am expecting it in the next 2 weeks


Where might I find Cephs bodybuilding templat for 5/3/1 ?



I hate to break it to you but DENTISTS are NOT DOCTORS, idiot.


The time where it'll be launched is undefined, but it's not been cancelled. But the program is high-performance, warnings have been given that if you don't follow the peri-workout protocols it'll lead to burnout. Even Sebastien Cossette as well as Kevin were put "in shape" before the program.

So my advice, and I'm sure others' advice here will be to stay away from this program until you have recovered a great deal of your workload capacity. I'm dropping right now, will be finishing in sept 16 but I'll give myself like other 4 or 6 weeks to recover some size and gain as much strength as I can.


DDS = Doctor of Dental Surgery

Are some of you really this uneducated?

Dental school doesn't even specialize in dentistry until the end of the second year. We are in the same classes as med students up to that point.


Sounds like we have some Anti-Dentites here....