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Where is forlife?


No homo.


But seriously, you okay, bud?


figure he'd have been here celebrating the end of DADT


Talked to Elder Forlife this morning (e-mail). He's fine, but very busy with work. Had me a bit concerned too.


Okay thanks T.


I assumed him and ZEB met up and the pent up tension between them got the better of them.

Figured they'd be at a Bed and Breakfast somewhere in Vermont.


Did Cortes catch the ghey?

Don't worry, the clown won't tell.


He is busy.


It's no secret that I believe Elder Forlife is fatally wrong about everything (even the things he is so very VERY right about), but he is an engaging, highly substantive and generally well mannered contributor here. I count him a friend and was genuinely concerned when he vanished for a couple weeks. He is regularly in my prayers.


Hey he is the one who told me. A long time ago and had a pic in his avi so I put 1+1 together. This issue is about 3yrs old GL. Did I give you his address or location, no. Do I hate him, NO.
Do I know he lives in Dallas yes. Do I know where he lives exactly? NO. He is a friend of one my friends, friends. I have nothing against him personally and honestly would never do that. Oh and I know who he is only because of one my close gay friend. Any who I heard he was busy organizing the 28th annual gay pride parade in Dallas.
You made me spit out the beer I was drinking by actually thinking I would. From what they say he is a good guy and I believe it.


As long as you stop...


Hey Gambit, are you state side or still in sushiville?

Don't worry about FL. He will be back. Sometimes if you leave PWI for a few days, you don't want to come back. It's not the first time he left. i am long over due for a sabbatical and I am sure there is more then one person here who would be more than happy if I took a permanent vacation.

Nevertheless, FL has left for months at a time. But don't worry, he is hopelessly attracted to PWI.


That would be the world's angriest sex....Okay, need to hurl now.


Or the world's best make up sex!


This is uncalled for though. I know some personal details he's told me, but I would never in a thousand years divulge them to anyone, no matter what he ever did or said, nevermind posting them on an internet forum. Keep your 1+1's to yourself.


For the record I would not be one of those people Pat.


You people sexualize everything.

I meant they were off wine tasting.




Excuse me while I go hurl again....


You're thinking Napa Valley then. I can't imagine they grow grapes worthy of consumption in Vermont. Damn good ice cream though.


I'm honored y'all even noticed I was gone :slight_smile:

As Tirib said, I've been really busy with work and haven't had the time to check in. Which sucks, because we were just getting into a really interesting epistemological discussion before Labor Day weekend. Hopefully we can pick it up again when life settles down.

For the record, I don't believe jre67t knows me from Adam. If he thinks I was involved with planning the gay pride parade, he's mistaken me for someone else. I haven't even been to a pride parade in several years.

Pat's right; I'm not going anywhere. You're not getting rid of me that easily :wink: There are several people in this forum that I would genuinely miss. I don't know that I've made any difference during my time here, but I've learned a lot and hope to continue learning.


There he is!!!! I hope yer ready to get back to work there Bub =] Jist kiddin (kinda)