Where is Everyone?

Is this section of the forums dead?

Anyone else do the olympic lifts?

What’s your programming like?

I wouldn’t call this forum dead, but slow is probably an understatement.

I am a frequent visitor/commenter.

Competitive Masters 105 lifter. I have some highlight lifts in training log which I don’t keep up much.

I am in between training schemes but trying to build up squat to 200k and more general strength. Less high intensity singles hasn’t hurt too much.


Awesome man! I’m looking to eventually get to a 250kg+ total. Currently I’m trying to get my back squat up to 315lbs for reps.

I’m 30 right now and would love to compete in Masters competitions as I age. How do you adjust your training style now compared to what it was back then?

How do you balance stronger overall vs. getting stronger for the lifts?

I’ve only been competing in Olympic weightlifting for about 4 years, so there was really no “back then.” I have had a bar in my hand every week for 20 years, so I was able to make a relatively easy transition.

When I first started, working to a max single, doing some pulls, doing some squats … was all that was need to improve. As I beat myself up a couple years, I realized by strength and conditioning were no longer my advantage, but limiting factor.

So I’ve taken more of a periodization approach vs Bulgarian (hate that term). More weeks and more workouts where triples or higher at highest makeable weight is a more important goal than a near max single. Nearing a competition I will drive volume down and intensity up.

I believe I can still make progress, I total about 260-265 on any given day, but think I could get to 280. I am finding sitting at a desk all day does not make for the skeletal recovery that it did in my unbreakable teens and twenties.


@Destrength olympic lifts

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I’ve been Weightlifting since late November of last year after deciding I wanted a change of pace from Powerlifting. My current PRs are 285lbs clean and jerk (with a 285lbs clean with plenty to spare and an old rack jerk PR of 285lbs), and a 210lbs snatch. Programming consists of whatever my coach is having me do, right now he knocked me down to four times a week for a week or two since I just had max week and before that I developed some elbow tendonitis. I am doing a fair bit of variety, which consists mostly breaking the lifts down into their components so that I can learn the lifts. I am also doing a good bit of positional strength work in the lifts too. Though not much squat or heavy pull (as in clean or snatch deadlifts, just fast pulls) work, it’s pretty much just enough to maintain it.

My lifts are currently 50 and 30 pounds up from where I started, and I am hoping for 140KG and 105KG in June. I am also a 94KG junior lifter. Visit my log if you want to see what my training is like, though I am a bum with logging it properly all of the time.


What are your squat numbers like? Sounds like you are in the 400’s. Sounds good though man, I’ll check it out!

455 without a belt, I’ll probably get my first 500 squat before winter break this year, and make a rush for 550 with a belt. I feel good on those numbers. I got a couple big growth phases to get it done (summer, and winter breaks) in which I can just eat, sleep, and lift all day everyday.


hey there… internet coach #1 here.

I’m wondering about your snatch. You’re squatting 455 but only snatching 230? Seems like you’re leaving 15-20kilos on the table.

Not trying to pick on you, but do you think you’re too focused on strength and not enough on technique? Post some videos of you are interested.

I.e. You outsquat me by 5-10% and I out snatch you by 15-20%. A coach of mine always reminds me to spend the most time training my weakness, vs what I am good at.


Nah man, you are spot on, it’s entirely technique.

I am slow as heck to get under the bar, and I am working on it. The main focus of my training is improving my technique, but there’s only so much cleaning, jerking, and snatching you can do in a day until you’re too fatigued to get quality technique work in. Technique is definitely my number 1 focus for the rest of the year, if not longer. Until I can at least get into open nationals, it is my clean and jerk, and snatch that suck, and not my strength.

Also I’ll pop up a video at some point, probably the next time my coach has me go heavy. Right now he’s just having me accrue volume in the 70-85% range while I am working on consistency and improving my technique.

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I’m a Master’s Olympic weightlifter, been competing for about 16 years. I’m not that great, but have fun with it. I’m currently almost 44 yrs old. Right now my training consists of getting stronger, increasing my squat to around 180kg or so while maintaining technique with lighter intensity classic lifts. Trying to work around not getting beat up so much, especially as I’ve gotten older, has been my biggest issue. Best numbers currently are 75kg snatch (been higher, but not recently), and 110kg CJ (same) at 85kg BW. I know I have room for much more, though.


What would you guys say is the minimum total a person needs to show they’ve put in their time?

BW Snatch
1.5 BW C&J

What do you guys think? I think for a recreational lifter those would be awesome numbers.

First time posting in here, but I guess I’ll give it a go.

I have a 225lb clean and jerk and a 165lb snatch. I know they aren’t good numbers (especially since I have a belted front squat of 370 and a belted squat of 420) but I’m self taught and still very much learning. I started up in July '16 after recovering from an injury.

I know speed is my main issue overall and my technique on the snatch needs major improvement. I clean and jerk once a week, snatch from the floor once a week and hang snatch once a week.

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Nice idea for a thread. It would be nice if this forum were more active with people posting up form check videos.

I’ve only been training them since July so it’s still amateur hour over here. It will be awhile till I can hang with the cool kids. In fact, that may never happen.

I did get a BW 52 KG clean in February, which seemed like a small victory.

I’ve started getting my feet wet ever so slightly. I’m a powerlifter but, once a week I run through the motions of the C&J, And snatch. And I’m only able to do them w/ 75lbs, but right now I’m focused on technique and speed, speed, speed. Im mainly just doing this for fun, and because i have mad respect for Oly lifters.

I’m 60, been olympic lifting on and off since I was 14. I mostly just lurk in the forums these days, and at one time or another followed the logs of most of the people posting in this thread.

I have competed in the past, and if master’s nationals ever make it here out west again, will compete in the future. I’m recovering from a strange lat injury at persent, so my training is fairly light–high hang snatch triples at ~60-65kg, high rep squats, deadlifts and hip thrusts for assistance. Benches, overhead presses, face pulls and lat pull downs (pull ups are out of the question currently due to the lat injury.) for balance. Sprints, kettleball swings, and farmers carries for conditioning. Lat feels good enough that I can probably start c&j again soon.


I’d say they are good entry numbers for “this guy kinda-sorta knows how to clean and jerk, and snatch”. Good recreational numbers for people with good builds/genetics I’d say is a 1.5XBW snatch, and 1.85XBW clean and jerk, since that will put you in nationals in the heavier weight classes (94KG, 105KG), and I’d assume scratching the surface to qualifying for the small guys.

For people with bad weightlifting genetics, a 1.25XBW snatch and 1.5XBW clean and jerk is probably the cut off for being good. People with long limbs, thin joints, and low natural coordination/strength/explosiveness fit in that category.

Well shit, and here I am having set my lifetime goals at a 140kgs snatch and a 180kgs clean and jerk at a bodyweight of 90kgs-ish.

I may be factoring in possible PED use.

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I personally would like to see you commit to those goals and change your training accordingly. I think you have a lot of potential. I havn’t checked out your training log lately, so it could be that you have already done this.

Edit: I thought I was posting this as a reply to Benanything, but the indicator did not show up.

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Not going to commit to this anytime soon, I simply don’t have access to a place where I can do weightlifting, both location and cost is a concern. On top of that, my primary concern for now is still my general fitness for the army since I do plan to make that my career.

Best I’ve done so far is…

100kgs clean and 77.5kgs snatch at a bodyweight of 75kgs. This was done in roughly 3 months of non specific (to weightlifting) training.

Oh and running is a bitch but gotta do lots of that