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Where is Dave Barr?


Ive been "gone" for awhile on the site. Just recently "came back" and found that Dave Barr has gone missing. Anybody know why his locker dried up and there haven't been any articles?

Dave was one of my absolute favs here.



OD'd on Pop-tarts.


He's dumbed down his articles and is now writing for Muscle & Fitness.


I'm not sure what hes doing lately and I'm also not sure how long you've been away, but he released a book called "The Anabolic Index" about a year or so ago.


Yes, I recall seeing an announcement that he would be writing for Muscle and Fitness. It won't motivate me to buy it.


His website has been under constuction for a long time too

He had an interview a few months back on another site



Those things can kill you if you don't respect the anabolic properties....