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Where is "5/3/1, PR set, Jokers" Explained in Forever?

I see “5/3/1, PR set, Jokers” mentioned a few times in Forever, particularly with 1000% Awesome, but I don’t see where it is actually explained.

What about it do you need explained? Do you have any specific questions?

It starts on page 64 and goes to 65.

Make sure to read the whole section to ensure you understand what Joker sets are for.

It’s been a little while since I read my copy of Forever but I don’t think it’s exactly spelled out. Simply put, if you’re doing a template that has PR sets (generally you’d run this kind of template 351 style) and do the plus sets on the 3’s and 1’s week. If you’re having a particularly awesome day after the plus set go up 5% or so and do an extra triple. If you get those reps and want more do a double or single at a RPE of 9 or less.

The in depth description for jokers were in the beyond book. Forever is put together with the principles set in the previous books.

Hasn’t Jim said he regrets introducing Jokers at all? I don’t think he uses them in the Forever book for any of the programs.

They are regularly featured in the anchor programs in Forever.