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Where I Find the Escape Codes to Itemized List, Bold, Italic, etc?


By trial and error I discovered that italic/emphasized is some text between this.

Could you guys please can indicate any link where I can find other special codes?
itemized list, color, bold, etc?


When you hit the post/reply button, there is a bar at the top of the text box. You may have to use the little arrow to make it drop down.


Yep, like Deputy Little said, there should be a bar in your reply box with options to quote, bolden, italicize, hyperlink, bullet/number list, insert image, etc. There’s no option for different colored text.

You can play around making test posts in the Forum Feature Practice thread so you don’t need to edit test posts while replying to live threads in the forum.


Hey! I was trying to help!


For sure. I mean Deputy as a term of endearment. I saw you’ve popped in to a couple for the Forum Feedback threads to help out before I had a chance to get to them. It’s appreciated. :smiley:


I’ll try to behave!



This is the “native” formatting for Discourse, so quite relevant to the forum; if you wanted to take a more manual approach to text formatting