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where have all the Renegades gone?

Props to Coach Davies. Had quite a few questions for the Coach a while back and he took the time to respond. May not seem like much, but that in and of itself is a sure sign of top notch character. Thanks again Coach and outstanding work!!!

Stay strong,
Dan I…

As long as everybody else is throwing out their testimonies… I considered myself an athlete who lifted weights seriously for athletics and looks(lets be honest). I thought I was doing athletic movements with cleans, push presses, weighted jumps, deadlifts, etc… Now, I’ve incorporated these movements plus all renegage movements, tire, kettlebell, towel pull-ups, snatches, hurdle work, tumbling drills, overhead squats(my new favorite) and a bunch that I dont know the name to. I basically threw out all of my single muscle lifts(curls, tricep extensions, you get the picture.) In 6 weeks I am faster, jumping higher, have better balace, have gained 8lbs (including swelling my beach muscles) and can hold a cool looking headstand.
There’s my testimony. Am I part of the club now?

Jeremy, I emailed Coach D from his website - i think its renegadetraining.com. It essentially a progressive workout that ramps up intensity/volume, and has slight detraining/testing weeks at the the end of each cycle. Its the nuts to be honest, and I couldnt believe the gains Ive made. I nearly strayed, and having the Coach there to contact his outstanding - he is incredibly helpful and keeps you on track. I purchased the whole set(26 weeks) and it was a fwe hundred dollers. YOu may be able to put a renegade esque workout togeather from postings here - but I would reccomend his routine, cant beat it.

Again thanks to all & it’s always great to hear from members of the “Renegade family” of athletes. As noted in the last post - we are going to be announcing something very exciting at Renegade training likely within the next month. For those interersted the football training book will be released likely within the week. I think you all will be amazed with how the detail and the huge amount of supporting photos. Please as always, if you have questions - just ask. BTW - Danny, great work & continue with your relentless approach! In faith, Coach Davies

Dannyboy, I should have been more specific. I’m actually in Coach Davies mentorship program, so I certainly have the workouts. :wink: I was just wondering which one you were literally working on, because with numbers as good as yours, some people here might want to jump in and give Coach a serious try. Again, GREAT feedback from you (and others).

Houdini, great to hear that you’re doing tumbling. Be sure and check out the tumbling articles at Intensity, so that you can go beyond that headstand.

Finally, to quote A.B. above: People, try it, and after you see the results you will stick with it forever.

I am on the football specific program. I have never played american football before and am trying out for my university team(i’ll be 22 as well!) when I get there. Ive played rugby but never AF. I am on the football specific programm - 26 weeks long. Im not suer if it has a specific title. One thing I can reccomend is go along to infinityfitness - there is a sample 4 week routine on there. It is a very basic outline and you will have trouble doing your own preogression - but it is a great place to start. Everyone should try it for a month - they would be amazed. For a giggle I am letting my old shool friends train with me in summer - they will be in for a shock. I used to train at there house - but every session the same, Lots of benching, presses, a few bent over rows, pullups from a beams then the obligatory arm and leg work. I am looking forward to seeing theri faces after the GPP and oly work - Ha!

How many Legion Cells are practicing those nutty Old School Sandow Lifts that Renegade loves so much? I would love to put together a little contest to see who can lift the most and who can do the most reps. How about it Coach??? Where should we send the FACELESS picturtes??? There should be a catagory for “Freakiest Lift” ie like having two midgets hanging on the bar while the Sandow Press is performed. I for one would love to see what the Legion can come up with. Late D.R.

Dannyboy, can I ask you to head to IntensityMagazine, go to the archives, find one of my tumbling articles, and then send me an email? It will be at the end of the article. I have several questions I’d like to ask about your progress. I appreciate it!

Jeremy, I’m doing the renegade rugby program. I’m thinking of incorporating your tumbling movements(from intensity) into my training. What benefits, with regards to my sport can I expect to receive?

canon, thanks for the post. I’m always glad to help out. With the rough sport of rugby, tumbling can certainly help with your spatial awareness as you are getting jostled around. Most importantly, though, tumbling is really going to help with coordination in pretty much any “unfamiliar” body position that isn’t used on an everyday basis. The more varied positions we can put you through, the more comfortable you will be amidst chaos, right?! If you have more questions, you can always email me personally through Intensity.