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where have all the Renegades gone?

does anyone else still train renegade style on this forum? I have been training this way for about 4 or 5 months and i love it, i intend on training this way all 4 years of my college football carrer. In fact this saturday i am going out with my friend to a junkyard to pick up a trunk tire, wheelbarrow, and a keg.

I’ve been using the one renegade workout I found here on the site every Monday and Friday… even though I’m on a keto diet, I don’t care. I like the completely torn down and worn out feeling I get after a workout. Then feeling my energy come back throughout the day is kind of a rush to me.

If you could be so kind to post some of your renegade workouts I would greatly appreciate. I’ve searched the forums and made a post about it, but no one offered any up.

I’ve been using Coach Davies thrower program since september…I’ve gone from 214-215lbs (out of shape) to 232lbs in great shape. My power clean has gone from 60kg to 110kg…I could go on and on but its the best program i have ever used.

You bet we’re here! Generally though, I don’t see a lot of discussion about Renegade Training here, just as you noted. Probably because this is mainly a bodybuilder forum. under dawg, I’ve been doing Renegade Training about as long as you have, and love it all the same. Coach Davies, since you will probably read this post, I think it would be very cool if you created a forum on your website to discuss training. I don’t know if the interest or resources are available, but its just a thought. Anyways, we may not talk much on this forum, but were still here and, as the Dark Renegade puts it, constantly evolving in a sport-specific manner.

I always incorporate a lot of Renegade stuff into my workouts. The workouts coach davies posted on here last summer were some of the toughest most grueling workouts imaginable. They might still be available if you run a search under “Coach Davies Renegades”

Bro, I hate to hear that less people are interested in the renegade method. Man it works in every way possible, fat burning, strength gains, speed improvements, muscle building. I love the renegade style and get my workouts directly from the Main man, I run collegiate track and on my way to nationals, and have been training renegade style for about one and a half years. People, try it, and after you see the results you will stick with it forever. Peace, 1.

I do a Renegade-type Hybrid that I designed. It uses equipment that is common in any gym, thus making the movement from gym to gym easier and keeps the addtional costs down. one of the main reasons I don’t have more unconventional equipment is the lack of storage space. My apartment doesn’t have the room to support four guys and my training equipment. I’m always on the look out for new ideas or movements that will take my body up a notch.

I love Renegade training. It incorporates in any fitness goal you have. You can mix an match it like protein with any meal. You cannot go wrong. It is really difficult that is why most do not stick to it. It pays off in spades though. Damn I have never had a workout kick my ass so much and have an equal amount of benefit. I took a tumble off my motorcycle and had to lay off it but I am back onto it and have sucessfully integrated it with my Dino training as I said it can go with any training. It is best on its own though if you are training for a specific sport. However, if you just want to be solid and in great shape you can mix match or stay on just it. For instance I use a lot of the complexes to warm up for my Keg workouts. Or I will use the rope work on off days for active recovery. or I will use the sprint complexes to get more flexibility. You cannot go wrong with learning this form of training. No matter what you do BB, Powerlifter, Martial arts, Boxing, it has applications in any sport. Ok enough of my rant. You have to try this before you judge it though. By try I mean a minimum of 1 month. It took me about that long to not be as sore.

This renegade is still around too! I have been using Coach Davies workouts since he posted some samples last summer. Best workouts I have ever had! I would love a forum on your site Coach! I haven’t really been very active here anynore since there is less posting about Renegade training! In faith - Matt

Would anybody happen to have the thread saved with all the workouts Coach Davies posted? I only found a couple scattered ones in the archive.

Wow, thanks men for all your kind words - that means more than you can imagine to me. Remember if you need anything - just ask, it is an honor to help. I would love to do a forum sometime soon and hopefully in the fall I will be able to get to it. But mostly, I would like the forum to be a place to “talk shop” and meet everyone. I have a huge announcement and will send it out within a few days to a week. I look forward to hearing from you all. In faith, Coach Davies

Just wanted to chime in about the forum requests on Renegade Training … we’ve thought about it (and always think about it). Forums are a huge responsibility though (as the T-Mag staff knows very well). They need to be constantly monitored and can sometimes get unruly (not that we’d expect that from any Renegades, but trolls lurk everywhere). We’re still going to explore the idea, but we’ve got a bunch of really cool things planned for this year. Stay tuned.

Put me down as another one that would love to have all the workouts Davies posted about a year ago… if it was that long ago. Since it was so long ago they don’t come up in the search function.

Like I said I’ve been doing the one workout that was published in T-mag, every monday and friday. Leaves me aching for a lil bit, but my body is starting to recover much faster even from my normal workouts… and the great thing is I’m getting in much better shape then any other bodybuilding technique I’ve tried.

Are you serious, underdawg? The Legion has not stopped growing since it began twenty five years ago. In fact, my own personal satelite cell has grown by a few memembers every month. I train all my clients with Renegade philosophies. They don’t all need to crush opposition on the field, but the Renegade Philosophies of increasing work threshold and complexity of the movements lend themselves to real world application, no matter the human. John S.- thanks for the reference brother. I am working on having darkrenegadetraining dot com up soon. It will take me a few months but there will be an uncensored forum also. I am just doing this for the sake of my own evolution, which will only happen as I help others evolve also. BTW…for all you Information junkies, I have good news, Renegade is going big time with a publishing company. So plenty of info packed books should be out soon. If he stops training all these big shots long enough to do some writing. ha A Renegade book to reference out of would be SICK.

Glad to see everyone is still on board. Jake have you checked out some of the article’s at Intensity? I have a few Davies original workouts saved and i will gladly post them, but most of my workouts are altered to my own personal level of conditioning and sport (football). Coach glad to hear from, I really hope this big announcement is about your football book.

This is one day of coach Davies’ unalterned (at least i think) Archaic series

Part I Section A (Agility)6 sets of 3 min
1,2,3 30 vertical jumps
4,5,6 salmon line jumps

Section B

  1. Jumping MB wood chopper
  2. 1 arm DB snatches
  3. Glute ham raises
  4. overhead squats
  5. towel chins
  6. Burpees
  7. hang snatch and overhead squats
    8)iron cross
    Five sets

Section C (GPP)
30 second intervals continuous movement
1 min rest between sets
5 sets Jumping jacks
star jumps

section d Wheel barrow walk 10 mins
Reverse Hypers 4x10
Zotterman curls 4x12

section E -Medicine Ball
Scoop forward 10
Hurdle jumps 5
Scoop backwards 10
Hurdle jumps 5
10 sets
circuit fashion
successive hurdles

section f -Abs

Chinees 30 on/30 off

5 minutes

Hey guys - just had to chip in with my support for the renegades out there. I posted a few months back(been doing it since then) and the feedback I got was immense. Put a few quid aside and purchased the 26 week program from the man himself. I have to say after BB’ing for a number of years - I was left with in my opinion shite strength, puffy muscles and no real fitness. In 10 weeks in with some biotest goodies(myostat, mag 10) I have gone from 196lbs at about 13% bf, to 223lbs at 14% bodyfat. Chest from 44" to 47", thighs from 26" to 28 1/2", Calves from 15 1/2" to 16 1/2, arms from 16" to 16 3/4", Neck from 16 1/2 to 18". I have trained intensely for years and I have never experienced such gains. I know I aint the biggest, strongest or fastest guy out there - but i have put nearly 80lbs on my squat, can out sprint all the ‘sports guy’ from my old school, my neck, back, traps, erectors are very solid and my heart rate has dropped. I would say for me as part of a cycle I will do this for the rest of my life. It answers every question you could dhave: I like alot have routineitis - I read a new routine, I try it - and so many are so good I want to do them all. This combines bodybuilding, power lifting westside style, kettlebell work, olympic lifting, core stability, sprinting, endurance, carido, circuit training all in one. It changes every workout and occaisonally i WANT TO bb old style again, then I look at the photo of me from summer - and i stop. I look ‘solid’ now - and its about time. Props to the coach

Danny, which program did you specifically buy? That’s an extremely impressive testimonial. Way to convert, and keep up the good work!!!

What are the set/rep protocols for Renegade training (if my goal is overall fitness)? How often do you train a week?

Thanks Under Dawg. I’m actually looking for the one’s geared towards football as well. I’m hopeing to try out for the Rip Tide next season. Any other Renegade workouts you can post would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately I can’t put my e-mail on here. I’ll go check intensity for some more workouts and stuff. Or if you wanna make a new post and put some of the workouts on there that I can save, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks man, and thanks Davies.