Where Have All The Meltdowners Gone??

Hey, isn’t anyone doing Meltdown anymore? I just finished my first five-day workout cycle. This definitely makes GBC look like a Body For Life program. I’m making it through the workouts, but about five minutes after I’m done…that’s when it kicks in. Today I barely made it up the stairs of my apartment. The results? Well this is day five and ab skinfold has gone down 1.5 mm and waist down from 29.5 to 29. I just may hit that 5 mm. ab skinfold yet. Adding T2 to the mix today so that should help. Who else is hitting it hard?

I’m 1/2 way thru week 2 (started on a thurs after a few days rest). This is the second time doing it and it doesn’t seem any easier.

I’m at the end of Week 2 of Meltdown and I feel great. This program is a real ass-kicker! I plan on taking some measurements this weekend to see what my 2-week progress is. I’ll post my progress afterwards.

No, we are still here. We’re just too tired to write as much here.

I actually have a question for anyone who has experience with this routine from multiple attemps. I have done Meltown 3 times and I am on my fourth.

I’ve learned quite a bit each time I do this. Frankly, the first 3 times I wasn’t pushing myself hard enough.

Here’s what I’ve learned: The first wave should be all you got for each exercise (just keep your reps at 10). Every time I go in I add 5 more pounds to any exercise where I got 10 reps the time before.

This make the lactic acid skyrocket much more than the old way I did it. Of course, I taper the weight back on the subsequent sets, but only if I couldn’t get 10 reps on the wave before.

Results: I am definately getting leaner doing it this way. Vascularity is up and my diet is pretty much the same M-F. At 200lbs I eat 1800 calories/day with only 75 grams of carbs. I eat 3 P+C meals and 3 P+F meals. I play ice hockey for about 1 hour 3-4 times per week for my cardio. On weekends I will increase my carbs and calories roughly 50% on Sat and Sun.

Here’s my question: When you finish the 3rd week in Meltdown do you start over again at week one? I am actually considering adding a fifth and sixth wave over these 3 weeks. Sounds nuts, I know, but the constant adaptation to my body is yielding very good results and 5 waves just sound that bad anymore. If you know the answer please advise.

Just curious how everyone is fitting the Meltdown training schedule into their weekly schedule (what days for weights and lactic acid interval training). I’m thinking about giving it a try and am trying to see how I could fit it into my schedule. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

What kind of diet are you guys doing with Meltdown? I tried it with t-dawg at 250 calories below maint. and felt flat and overtrained after the first week. Carbs were at 120 workout and 70 non workout days. I love the workout though, and I’m thinking of just upping the carbs more on t-dawg.

Hey man I am right there with you. I am going to start mine next week because the university gym, University of Oklahoma, is always crowded with the new year resolution people who don’t know what they are doing, only have ONE smith machine for squats and deadlifts, and to top all of this off we aren’t allowed to push weight over our heads. Yeah the last one pissed me off the most because I can’t do push presses or fun stuff like that. I am getting a membership with a real gym today. By the way what is your taking and what diet are you on?

My diet is as follows: @ bw of 163 and six percent bf: 1800-2100 cals depending on training day or off day, 70-100 g. carbs/day (50 post-workout via Surge), six meals, approx. 225 g. protein w. the rest from fat, and main supplements MD6, Power Drive, Prolab Creatine either mixed w. Surge or green tea, Low-carb Grow, fish oil, Udo’s, glutamine pre-bed as per jman’s recommendation, and I just added T2 today. Basically the “kitchen sink extract” approach. I follow Alessi’s schedule of MTTHF, weights in the morning and intervals in the evening. I also play indoor soccer on Sundays…now THAT’s interval training! I think the article said you could do the program for six weeks before making any changes if I remember correctly, however I’ll likely be only doing 3-4 weeks as I’m already pretty damn shredded. Plus it’s about time for a week off as I’ve been dieting for 11 weeks and training consistently for 20 or so.

I’m curious…1800 calories for a man (even while dieting) seems way low. Especially following massive eating principles and then with the lifting and the cardio. I’m a 125lb woman and when I’m dieting down I am usually at 1800 a day with 100-125 grams of carbs and I get the desired result although not overnight. Where did you get your caloric guideline? When I follow Beradi’s calculations in massive eating I’m even doing it a little low.

Jennifer, I’m only doing 1800 on complete rest days. Other than work, which involves nothing physical, I literally veg on these days. The workout days are 2100-2200. A bit lower than what I’ve been doing, but as I said earlier I’m just making a small adjustment toward the home stretch. I had been doing Don’t Diet protocols the previous ten weeks, keeping cals at 2400-2600. The calorie levels I’m using now come straight from one of Don Alessi’s trainer’s recommendations (10-12x bodyweight). Don’t worry…I’m not starving myself. Diet is totally impeccable with quality protein, tons of green veggies, EFA’s and salads, and I’m also using a lot of glutamine and antioxidants. When I started Don’t Diet I lost about six lbs. of what I thought was lean muscle but it was only water for the most part as I had been Massive Eating at 4200 cals, and all of my lifts have gone up week by week…I’m a crafty veteran at dieting so I know what my body can and can’t tolerate. My lean weight has stabilized the last seven weeks so I’m doing quite well. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.