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Where Does the Time Go?

So as I type this we’re just getting back into Dock from a little trip to Bermuda. My texts and emails are exploding, and of course my FB reminds me that 8 years ago, in the course of a few weeks, my wife and I had both won our respective contests, taken our first trip to Bermuda, and enjoyed a lovely visit to Biotest HQ in Co.

Of course in typical meathead fashion my first thoughts were that my arm looks pretty ok considering I competed a couple of weeks earlier and I wasn’t flexing it -lol

Anyone else do this as much as I do, or is it just the obsessive/aging competitor part of me? :slight_smile:



still waiting on my invite!! looool

only in every single picture I see of myself.

Me too.

I always look to see if I can tell if I have a big back from the front LOL.

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