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Where Does DOMS Play a Part?

In regards to DOMS, say you trained back the previous day but wake up with no DOMS,does that mean you didn’t train hard enough?. Why not just Bench press everyday to get super strong at the bench press? (I assume because of the stress on joints and rotator cuff etc), so where does doms really play a part in Day to day lifting life?

At this point in time there isn’t a definitive answer on what doms are, although muscular micro tears seems to be the most commonly held belief.

I find DOMS useful if I am trying out a new exercise. Usually I am going a bit lighter and more reps to feel out the movement so this accumulated volume usually results in muscle soreness the next day. Where I get sore is a rough (very rough) estimate on what muscles got worked.

This can also be a bit false however, as certain muscles on my body very rarely get DOMS.

Once my body has gotten used to a certain movement, DOMS reduce and/or disappear. If I’m still getting stronger but no soreness, the exercise is still working.


Short answer, it doesn’t. Pay it no mind. As long as you’re not hurt, it doesn’t matter.


It could maybe mean you need to switch your exercises up and shock your body. I think you should experience some pain the next day, if you have not stretched after workout and don’t get DOMS you may be not training hard enough because the stretching is what stops the inflammation, keeps the blood circulating and could potentionally help you repair faster, it all depends on how advanced you are, everyone is different if you have been training for a while. you may not need aslong as others to repair once your muscles become tolerant but that said it is also good to take it easy for a week or two once you have been training for a while and on the third week train with a hard intensity to shock your muscles, to get through a plateau. An answer to your question unless you are rather athletic and very active if you are a beginner training you should experience pain the day after, the best thing to do is measure your back, take your weight, whatever your goal is train however many days a week on your back you like and track your progress!!! You will realise what you need to do for you! Make adjustments because everyone is different!

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Just because you’re not sore doesn’t mean you should train that group again the next day. Recovery is not just about how you feel. A lot of this is based on your training method. Russians and Bulgarians have both used very high frequency successfully by managing volume and intensity.

As far as not training hard enough, that’s just simply not true. I can tell you from personal experience that I rarely experience DOMS and my sessions are routinely in the 40-60k range using conjugate method so I’m constantly changing out exercises week to week.


Really… So what if hes seeing improvement in his actual lifting as in increase in weight or increase in reps used for a given weight in his individual movements. So do you base the quality of your clients session on if they are sore and not by basic progression?


Excuse me for questioning a personal trainer , But May i ask your educational back ground how long have you been a PT and how long have you been training ?


Good God…why the hell do early stage lifters think DOMS is bench mark for quality of a training session?

Exactly what you said @Irishman92 Hell I prefer seeing improvement or having a kick ass session and NOT having DOMS the next day or two.


Just to stir the pot further :yum: true DOMS wont really kick in till 24+ hours/2nd morning after


LOL yeah I always love when the 2nd days rolls around after a Squat session from hell :sob:

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Every time I think about doing what it takes to become a legit personal trainer as far as education and leaving the oilfield game behind, I read something a certified personal trainer writes and think how long I’ll spend trying to convince people that I’m not just another asshat personal trainer. I might say some dumb shit on these forums now and again, but at least it’s not my day job.


My biggest beef that in some cases its not that hard getting certified in some cases depending on the integrity of the organization doing the certification.

My oldest son doesn’t plan on becoming a Strength Coach he plans to get certified through the CSCS once he get his degree ( hes currently will be considered a second semester Junior.this fall based on credit hours)To do so you have to have at least a bachelors degree in a field associated with it to take the test itself .


I talked to two of the trainers at my gym and they told me the same. There’s one organization that’s known to be just a cert mill. I don’t think I’ll ever go this road or, if I do, it’ll be as an owner so that changes it a bit, but I guarantee I’d have run this guy off quick.

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Maybe they are a self proclaimed pt…

This is easy. Get someone to kick you in the balls. See whether they grow or shrink.


Hahahah grow for sure

How many reps?


As many as it takes brah!

Would the use of a hammer be fine?

Sure! You gotta change it up! That’s how you shock 'em!


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