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Where Does DC Training Fall in the Following Spectrum?


So I just read this article here: https://www.t-nation.com/training/22-proven-rep-schemes

It basically talks about rep schemes for strength, hybrid, and size training. I’m wondering, where does DC (Doggcrapp) training fall in the spectrum? I want to gain the hard, denser, sinewy type myofibrillar hypertrophy as opposed to the puffier, softer looking sarcoplasmic hypertrophy from high rep, lower weight schemes. Will DC give me that type of look?


I’d call bs on any claims that say that aiming to myofibrillar hypertrophy gives you a different look than sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and vice versa. You train to build your muscle mass and how it looks from the outside is determined both my how much of that mass you have built and how much fat you have covering that mass.


I’d agree but CT doesn’t tend to BS. I suspect there is an effect but outside the small population of elite athletes it isn’t really apparent.


DC Training is primarily designed to build muscle. But that doesn’t matter in your case. Last month, you were “6’1, 179 pounds, 17-19% bodyfat”. You don’t need DC training to improve your physique.

In fact, it’s probably an outright bad idea to try doing DC training right now because you don’t need, and probably wouldn’t get through, the intensity the plan requires. Any of the programs that were suggested to you in your “I think I want to do steroids” thread would be a more appropriate place to start.

What will give you that type of look is getting your bodyweight up to a fairly lean 200ish pounds, squatting and deadlifting 405x5-10, benching 225x10-15, dumbbell pressing 100sx10-12, rowing 225x10-15, doing chins +90x10-12, and EZ-curling 115 for 10-12. Ballpark.