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Where does Combat Training fit in?

I was wondering how i can fit in all of the extra things without interferring with my current lifting program. I currently lift Tuesday(Vertical pushing and Pulling), Thursday(Legs and Abs), Saturday(Horizontal pushing and pulling). Will doing sprints and stairs hinder my leg workout? How about Hindu pushups interferring with my upper body workouts? Im really interested in being athletic as i still compete in various sports. Ive noticed a serious decline in skill over the past couple of years(im only 22) and would love to get back to where i was. I used to do lots of stairs and sprints and other agility drills when i played football. Should i just do these again, and if so where should i put them. Thanx. Nate Dogg your the man!!!

Goldberg, Matt Furey recommends doing this type of stuff every day. Combat conditioning helps build flexibility, strength, stronger lungs, heart, etc as well as getting you leaner and well-conditioned. And it can be done along with weight training.

I personally do something everyday. Some days I may only do 100 Hindu squats, 30 Hindu pushups and the wrestler’s bridge. Other days, I will do that in addition to a variety of other exercises.

I too train three days a week in the gym. After my weight training workout, I usually will only do the above exercises. After that, I’m totally wiped out. On my non-gym days, I’ll do sprints, rope jumping or stadiums (currently twice a week), followed by a variety of combat conditioning exercises.

Matt recommends doing 15-30 minutes or more of this stuff each day. If you are tired or sore, then do less. But on days when you are feeling good, go ahead and do more. The thing to remember is to try and do more to make your workouts harder (not less to make it easier). This is what will help condition you to make you a better overall athlete. Definitely check out Matt's website. And download the free Fitness Tips Newsletter. It has good information on the three basic exercises (The Royal Court).

Another key to success is to always do something different. There are so many exercises to choose from that you don't have to repeat the same workout each day! That makes it fun. As for overtraining, I haven't noticed any problems. I keep my volume fairly low in the weight room. And I feel much better doing these types of exercises each day. In fact, I am not as stiff. Usually after hitting the gym, the next day I'm stiff as a board. Because I do this type of stuff every day, I am more flexible, and don't feel as sore. Feel free to ask me if you have anymore questions! I'm looking forward to a 500-rep Hindu Squat workout tonight! It's going to be tough, and I'll probably be limping tomorrow! :)