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Where Do You Work Out


To all the kiwi boys and girls out there. What gym is the best in Aotearoa?


Ive worked out in several gyms. Without a doubt the best Ive found is the Auckland University gym, and this is what I've stuck to.

Awesome range of well-maintained equipment and a pretty good environment to train in. Good hours too.

Let me know if you want more details...

Where do you train?


I work out @ the city gym in TGA very good gym hasnt got all the flash gears but got all the basics, its 24hrs aswell.
I will have to visit that gym.
I want to see if there are any westside desciples around or westside style gyms around.




My brother is going to Auckland uni next year, he is a iron head so he will be there aswell.


When I'm in Auckland (every Xmas/NY) I train there. Great gym, apart from lots of clueless 20 year olds in jeans.

Les Mills isn't bad but a bit pricy and lots of homos check you out.


I train at Bodyworks in Wellington at the moment. If you want Westside mentality you can't beat Powerhouse gym, also here in wellington. check out their site www.powerhousegym.co.nz


I work out at Sportswide in Wgtn- good range of free weights, 24 hour access and not too expensive.

(Not hardcore enough for Powerhouse, even though it's about the same distance for me)


Yeah ive seen that site thats exactly the type of gym i want to join.

Will have to visit it when down there next.

Are there any westside desciples around TGA Waikato area?


Next time you're down this way how about we put a call out to any T-Nationers in the area and throw some kegs and shit around.


Hell yeah sounds like a plan will be down there in the new year so will keep in mind.
Any T-Nation iron head west side freaks out there from NZ gimme a PM and send your training programs.