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Where Do You Want Your Blood Numbers?

Hey guys,

Just curious where you want your numbers during cycle. I am getting my bloodwork done in the next few days and excited to see what shows up.

In the last bloodwork i received. They had total test and free test. Can someone explain the need for both?

Free available test is what is cruising around your bloodstream and available to exert its influence. Sex Binding Hormone Globulin is important too, since it it the one responsible for how much free T you have.

Are you currently cycling or on TRT? Is this a private blood draw or did your PCP order it?

Ok, so the total number has no real significance?

I have a private doctor that is performing my bloodwork.

Yes i am on cycle.

Reason for asking for some explanation on bloodwork is due to the English Barrier i am experiencing here.

Pharma is so easily available, everything from tren to clen so i just had to indulge myself. Its rediculously cheap too haha.

Its all significant but a high Test level associated with a low Free Test is an indicator of something like high SHBG.

Is your Doc aware?

100% told him in plain english. However, he barely speaks english so he may be in for a big surprise too

I personally refuse to tell my doc. I’ve been self treating for almost 5 years and she has no clue. Just thinks I’m a “health nut” that works out a lot.

My ex was a med records tech and in spite of HIPPA, there are a ton of people with eyes on your medical records.

Fortunately I am not in the USA, but that is vey good to know. I always thought and believed that it is private information and nobody was allowed to have it.

So, it sounds like you are doing the exam on your blood yourself? How in the world are you doing that? Do you have any good resources for reading regarding hormone levels and how they are affected by cycling?

Fortunately, there are several private labs where one can order bloodwork and then just show up and have it drawn. The results are then emailed to you privately. Nobody knows.

Resources? as in articles? Not really. Our young genius @unreal24278 would be the best person to ask on that. He is a research genius.

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