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Where Do You Use Your Prowler?


Just curious as I just bought one and need to find a place to use it.


any park, or even if you have a backyard that is 20+ yards you can do it there. also an empty parking lot. tonnes of places, just use your imagination


i was thinking about a parking lot but i am worried about owners complaining, I think I'll look for a park today


you can literally use them anyplace that has a smooth surface....I use the track at my local high school.


High school parking lot and the parking lot at the nearest big park by me.

One person said something, but he was interested in what I was doing. Then he pushed :slight_smile:


Grass vs Concrete

Opinions on the matter please? If any


Personally, Grass = More difficult movement, the actual movement itself is more difficult.

Concrete = Also difficult because I find easier to go for longer bouts because of the continuity of the surface.

Of course, I'm probably also pushing a Prowler around shitty fields, so take that with a grain or two.


Yea thats true. The belgian waffle fields are quite smooth this time of year


Do concrete and other similar surfaces tear the skis up?


Not really, it will eventually wear them out but EFS sells replacements for like $40.

Concrete is far better than grass, IMO. You can hang on tufts of grass where as paved surfaces all you to go all out without worry, well maybe pot holes.
I push mine in the basement sometimes, it's not very long but down and back a few times gets the heart going good.


I don't like grass... too much friction. Also, pavement/concrete is just too loud, scratches the shit out of it, and sometimes it's too easy so you have to really load the weights, which can be a bitch to transport.

The best is one of those rubbery track surfaces in a gym, which mine has (I let them use my prowler). works great.


Definitely tracks. Or... if it's possible, tight/short carpet. I'm lucky enough that my gym has a legit Prowler and short carpet. The area to do it in isn't as long as I'd care for, but it makes for a plethora of interesting options with only like ~30 yards to work with.


Same... mine is about 35yds long. Just long enough.


Fuck grass. That is all.



The grass is retarded, the blades act like little hands that reach up and try to stop you from moving. I haven't pushed on conrete, I imagine it's easier than asphault though, which is what I'm usually on.


As stated, rubber track or synthetic grass surface (seems to slide better than the real stuff) is the best.


What in the world are you doing in Belgium, lol.