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Where Do You Train? What Discipline?


I know we have many people from all over the world. I am sure we all train in many different disciplines as well.

I think it would be cool to see where you train and in what?

I have a background in Kenpo Karate. Once UFC came out in 93' I started doing Jiu-Jitsu in Miami.

Recently I trained at FFA with the Avellan Brothers and Master Enrico Coco.


I am Shotokan Black Belt from Robson Maciel, who represented Brazil on the World Cup against Japan in the 70's and is a highly decorated Karateka on Brazil history.

Also i am a BJJ blue belt under Macaco Gold Team and trained with the Gracies on L.A.

Love training wrestling too, my teacher was formed under a cuban wrestler and has trained with likes of Darrell Gholar, Mark Coleman.

I've trained under several bjj academies here at Brazil, Gracies, Macaco, Demian Maia, Alliance. But my BJJ still sucks =)


I started out doing Goju-Ryu as a kid. Not enough emphasis on sparring, but that was to be expected given the age of the class.

Did nothing for 8 years (age 12-20). Now train BJJ at a small school called BJJ Singapore under a John Will purple belt.


Kyokushin karate background.
I've done some wrestling and judo.
Gonna try some boxing now.


Taekwondo black belt had an elite athlete scholarship, burnt out on TKD, wandered the martial arts wilderness trying all sorts

BJJ blue belt under Braulio Estima and Lee Catling training with BKK fighters and Gracie Barra Essex, used to train at Machado Gwangju


Three years of Taekwondo. Had a falling out with my trainer. Left with a red belt. Boxed for a few years in college. This was in Colorado.
Now all I have is MACP. It's depressing. I'm hoping there will be a respectable fight gym somewhere when I get to Wiesbaden (sp).


I think everyone BJJ sucks compared to the likes of Gracies, Macaco, and Demian Maia


lol of course not, you've got guys training under Braulio Estima, guys from ADCC, it isn't about the name of the school but the teacher itself, you can learn from a purple belt as much as a Gracie if you are into it and he loves the game.


Of course I know.

Roberto Abreu school is in Miami Beach and he is a fucking monster on the mat.

I think he is one of the better ones in the area.


Started with Tang Soo Do as a kid. Was the only school in the area. Did that for about 6 months. Fast forward a few years in the Marines, found Uechi Ryu in Okinawa, Spent a year seriously training in that and about another year Going when I could was a 2nd level green belt, should have tested fro Brown. Now working in Krav Maga for over a year now, Level three student, and just started working in Gracie Jiu Jitsu as well.


21 years uechi ryu, godan. Some crosstraining:aikido(waste of time), 2 years small circle jujitsu(great system if you can find it) and some boxing. Age 57 so uechi works well for me as my base style training.


where do you train Uechi Ryu, what organisation? I trained with Shinjo Sensei in the Kenyukai.


Big background and Goju-ryu growing up, achieved about a green belt before quitting.

Learned a bit of MMA and grappling from a friend who was very good at it, and then went back to Goju-ryu in my 20s. Didn't last long though, I wasn't fond of the teacher and as I became more fond of boxing I began to see a lot of holes in the training that I couldn't reconcile.

I've been boxing seriously for probably about a year. I train at one gym that's strictly a boxing gym and also at another more multipurpose gym closer to home where I practice what he taught me, and also lift weights.


Olympic tkd -10 years. Have competed with some top people in the field, but lack the coach/gym to get where I need. High level tkd is just not in my region at all. Gives you great kicking power and footwork though.

Boxing/kickboxing- 1 year actively competing had 6 fights, did pretty well. Stopped once I went to college and resumed tkd.

Grappling- nothing really formal, did judo on and off for a few years and rolled with some friends that are good jitz guys.


Massachusetts. We are now the Okikukai Okinawa Karate Do Association under Master Takara. My home dojo and current teacher are also affiliated with Master Shinyu Gushi.

There is some kenyukai in Massachusetts.Master Gushi was trained for a while under Seiyu Shinjo, Kiyode's Dad. Love their interpretations of uechi. I am fortunate to have had great teacher's in a style that I really enjoy.


I got the second blue belt in shotokan karate when I was 18 in a small unprestigious dojo in northern germany.
In college I tried out all martial arts clubs in the area. I really liked Pammachon, but the teacher moved away. Didn't like the Karate Schools in my new town so I started Kickboxing and would recommend it to every Karateka who likes to fight.


It is strange to write it down
believe me its not grandiose at all

close to 30 -/+ years of Judo
sand which 10-12 years of wrestling in there

Judo at 7 or 8 y.o. and thru out til I could'nt
competing as much as possible
but really how much can you count childhood training?

wrestling in HS, College D3, D1 and Greco Roman Club circuit
with some tiny international competition
and a trip to colorado springs OTC
to help prep people for the 92 olypics
so I am old

The Clubs where Mohawk Valley Greco Roman club
( near where I went to school)
and NYAC both for Greco and For Judo.

tiny spurts of training in Cuba and the czech republic

Judo some long long defunct places in Brooklyn and NYC
Oishi Judo , All Japan Judo and East Coast Judo I think the latter two are long gone
Sambo there are two or three good gyms in NYC trained at all three
Bjj- a bunch of bullshit places and Renzo Gracies gym a little too.

a ton of church basements, Police Athletic leagues, and club judo when I traveled for work

a few bar fights
a few foot stomp parties at the wrong end
a good old fashioned mugging or two

that's about it.


I guess you win the pot.

You are the guy with most history in martial arts in this forum.

I remember your burn-out histories about wrestling.


Kaiser roll - what did I win?

wrestling indeed burned me out
but it didnt eat me up

mail my UG t-shirt to me please.


Started out at 14 with Thaiboxing, did that for about 4 years till my 18th birthday.
Started picking up MMA classes when I was 17 and have been doing that for 5-6 years now.
I have been doing BJJ for 4 years now under Zé Marcello's Icon Jiu Jitsu team in Europe (former BTT). I'm a lowly blue belt :slight_smile: