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Where Do You Live?


And how do you like it? You see Im on my last year of school and Ill be looking to relocate come June, I havent traveled much at all so I have no preferences. Anyway, Ill have a couple weeks off in winter to do some searching and I was just looking for some input from yall, thanks a bunch.


Not to over-promote my home, but...
I live in Fort Collins, CO. I love it here and if you like the following then check it out:

-All 4 seasons.
-Beautiful mountains for hiking, camping, etc...
-Very low crime rate for its size.
-Relatively low prices with housing, etc...
-Tons of recreational goodies (trails, gyms, etc...)
-And perhaps the best one for me, tons of healthy hot girls, courtesy of CSU.

Ya, there may be better places, but it's pretty good out here. PM me if you want to know more.



No, no, no. Stay out of Colorado, it's already too crowded.


So you see, Slappy, a fellow Coloradan is already angry at me for spilling the beans.:slight_smile:


I live in a small township at the bottom of Allegheny County called South Park. No kidding. Too bad Les Claypool doesn't jump out of the bushes and start plucking the banjo. It's not too bad. Far outlying suburb of Pittsburgh, schools aren't too bad, crime rate is a little high, but no where near some other places. Decent public transportation, and lots of recreational areas.


Pueblo Colorado and I love it.

Mountains are 30 minutes away.

The resevoir for all watersports is 15 minutes away.

All four seasons.

Big city Denver is just an hour away.

College town also if wanted.

drag race track in town

I think that covers it.



We've had two weeks of sumemr this year.

Love the place.


Denver, Colorado. Buffalo football, Pioneer hockey, Bronco football, nothing else matters. Except looking good nekid.


wow, a lot of possitive posts for Colorado.

I've lived in Pensacola, FL, Virginia Beach, VA (just out side of it), and Goose Creek, SC. Right now I'm living in Upstate NY (right in the middle of the state) and would trade it for any of the other places I've been. Winter here lasts too long, and we're lucky to get good weather for a long period of time (though this summer has been good, but it's not the norm).

I've also visited Seatle and liked it, but I was only there for 2 months.


Hell mutha-fuckin ya!:slight_smile:
CA-LA-RA-DA Representin!


Ventura, California.
Surfer girls, Sunshine, no humidity, no bugs, swimming in the ocean on Christmas (no wetsuit needed).
Fuckin' paradise.

I went to college in upstate New York. Beleive me, you owe it to yourself to check out some west coast beach towns. Start with Santa Barbara and work your way south along coast highway #1.


Sunny southern California, don't get confused with northern california. There's beaches all over the places here.


I too am in Southern Cali...

I must say, Ventura is the most awesome place on earth, with I still lived there...



Rack another vote for Colorado! I'm in Denver and love it. Mountains for hiking, biking, kayaking, hunting. All kinds of city parks and trails, open space/naturalized areas. Very sports oriented with the Avalanche, Broncos, Rockies and Nuggets. Also have lacrosse (Mammoth) and arena football (Orange Crush). We've got all 4 seasons and they're each fabulous. Casual vibe to the city. If you want to get wild - you can, or if you want to shoot pool - you can. The arts are well represented also. Always live music to be found.

I grew up in the Seattle area - cool city, shitty weather.

Have lived in Portland - cool hippie city, great weather for the northwest.

Cali locations I've spent considerable time:
Pebble Beach - beautiful area, nice temperate weather, people are a 50/50 split of uppity rich folk and cool filthy rich folk.
Monterey - same scenerey but more 'regular' folks. Kinda artsy-hippie vibe.
Newport Beach/Costa Mesa - great southern Cali weather, fun/casual/surfer type peeps but a bit too close to the "Hollywood Machine" for my tastes.


Shhhh. I jeeped over Webster pass this weekend, and there were a ton of people up there. You let our secret out & it'll only get worse.


normally i live in columbus, ohio...i like columbus and think its a good place to live (if your can tolerate the shitty weather). right now i am in tulsa, oklahoma. tulsa...well, i hate to be honest, but it kind of sucks. i cant wait to be back in columbus.


Most people in Vancouver tend to feel it is the most beautiful spot in the world, but it is rainy more than half of the time and it's not in the US.


(Vancouver pt 2.)


I've traveled heavily for work for 7+ years. Just about every place has benefits and draw backs. It all depends on what you like and dislike. Weather, seasons, activities, politics, cost of living...

If you can, try narrowing it down based on areas that have a high abundance of your potential profession. Say you got a degree in biochem and want to go into biotech/pharma research. Major areas of employment could be San Diego, San Fran, Seattle, Boston and New Jersey. Now say you don't like snow except to ski on. Cuts you down to SF and SD. Oh and you want bikini friendly beaches...welcome to SD my friend.

Mix and match to taste.


I'm just outside of Pittsburgh, Pa... Actually not even a half hour away from mindeffer01 in South Park. It's not a bad area as long as you can learn to become a Steelers fan...otherwise... well you might have an accident. One thing to note is Pennsylvania has about the worst roads in the country. No joke, you can tell when you cross the state border into Pa because your car starts getting knocked all over the place. But its my home.

Virginia is a beautiful area. It might be a bit warm and muggy for you seeing as how you are from MN. If you really love all that snow it might not be the place for you but if your looking for a change of scenery, you might give that a whirl. Its one of the places I?m looking into after I grad.

Personal recommendation: Look into going abroad for maybe a year or so. The world is a really interesting place to see and many people say that they want to do it some day. But before you know it you have a job, kids, husband/wife, and overall to many commitments to one area. So get out there and see some of the world while there isn't much holding you. Just check to see if they hate Americans there first I heard were not very popular in Switzerland.