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Where Do You Live and How are the Gyms?

Florence Al

we’ve got a shitty ymca, the equipments good but the gym is staffed completely by douchebags and most of the people who lift there arent much better.

The golds gym on the other hand is pretty good open 24/7 plenty of powerlifters and bodybuilders go there, outdoor track and pool, they sell protein(granted its ridiculously overpriced but better than nothing if you forgot your protein or dont have time to eat a real meal).

Kansas City Missouri- 24hr/Golds and a handful of other family fitness centers. There is one power lifting “gym” that I can find but it’s in a storage shed that’s like 10x10. I know of a strongman gym that’s invite only but they won’t open for just anyone as best I can tell. The best gym in the city can be found in my basement.

I know it’s long dead post but … have you actually found good gym? I’ve moved to porto and I can’t find anything.