Where do you like your E2 ? Dr. wants to use AI

How’s it going guys, just had blood work done after
1 month
Test-C 95 2X a week
HCG 500 2X a week
50 mg Zinc 1X day
no AI

Estrogen is @56, I have had no side effects except water retention which was dealt with a daily cup of green tea & ginger. Dr. wants me to start Anastrozole .5mg 2X a week to protect my prostate. I do not like the way AI makes me feel emotionally/mentally, but once I heard the word prostate I am now considering it.
Before starting I wanted to get your opinion. Do I really need it? Can I lower E2 without it?

First, if these were the only hormones tested, find a new doc. Second, why wouldn’t your E2 be this high since your T is? Quite frankly your dose is high, so if you want to lower E2 then lower your dose.

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Noted, Thanks for your response.
What should he be testing for, free T, shbg etc ?
I am here to learn

For new labs and initial follow up you are correct in that FT, SHBG, and lipid panel are a must but TSH and DHT should be monitored at least at first IMO.

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Take it easy on green tea, it inhibits DHT.

That’s way too much anastrozole.

Of course you can, lower your test dosage.

I like my E2 at around 25-34, no higher. Currently I’m steady at 28 over the last few labs, with my Teat at 1144. I use .5mg (100mg) 2x per week, with .35mg of Anastrozole with each dose. I would definitely start using anastrozole.

If you are working with a Doc I would recommend one that looks at all your hormones not just Tesy, like your thyroid etc.

I use performancemedicine.net. They do phone consults, so you don’t have to be right near a clinic. They are based out of Tennessee where I live. When I started up with them they recommended we do a Cleveland heart lab as a baseline, it’s a very extensive blood panel.

These T:E2 ratios are abnormal. No natural man would have these T:E2 ratios.