Where Do You Guys Prefer to Inject?

Sorry, I missed that. My wife does my glutes for me. If she is not around, I pin my quads way up high on my quad. Pretty much right herepin%20site%202

Yeah I’ve seen you post that before…I haven’t tried that site yet. May be a good one using the 1/2" needles?

I’m usually right where the arrow is pointing to on the Vastus Lateralis, maybe a tad higher…

One more thing to add concerning quads…

It’s the only sites that I can say that at least 50% of the time, I’ll hit a nerve going in. It’s not extremely painful, but it makes the entire muscle jerk. Scared me the first couple of times I did it…Just another nuance of TRT for me now.

I used to do that primarily but too many nerves and I had to find another place. With my current spot, I can stand up, relax that leg and pin without any twitching or pain.

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LOL! That’s funny because I just posted a few minutes ago warning @wanna_be about that very phenomenon!

Yup it’s the one time you don’t wear the seat belt or take that short cut that gets you.

I’m like a dog chasing his tail. Imagine what that loooks like.

Can’t imagine a shirt dude with short arms trying to jab his glute… haha

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LMAO!!! That “short dude with short arms”… That’s me to a T!

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10weeks in feel pretty good. Labs coming in about 2weeks we’ll see where I’m at. Libido is alittle better, not as tired day after day, and have seen some strength gains in the gym. I’m happy with results so far, still need time to dial it in.

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Good for you. Give it 3-4 months total and then another few months for it to really kick in and create changes.

Good thing you are at the gym. It helps the body perform optimally.

One thing I found recently is a suggestion to hit the sauna and sweat out EDC and toxins that effect our well being. These toxins can attach at the cellular level and lower the effect of trt . So go to the sauna and sweat often. Replenish right after with electrolytes and minerals.

Can i switch up subQ and IM whenever i want to?

i tried subQ at first, then i tried delts, now i am doing upper outter glute. i think i like the glute the best. i am doing injections 3x a week

I have never aspirated. I did IM for 1 month and never had any issues in the thigh and shoulders.

Lots of guys don’t. Really whatever floats your boat, but for me, it’s a very cheap and convenient insurance…

Again, from what I’ve read (never experienced it myself), if you are ever unlucky enough to unknowingly get the tip of your needle into a vein, you won’t ever inject again without aspirating…

Delts so I can use a smaller pin and waste less T!

So little update…

I was a hardcore butt guy…err I mean I injected into my glutes. Somebody on here, in this very thread lol warned me about hitting a nerve. Well I hit on last injection. No real pain but my glute was jumping all over the place uncomfortably and I thought I was gonna break the needle off in me.

Just got don’t shooting my quad for the first time and loved it. I googled some injection sites, then googled where the nerves run (lol) and went about 6-7 inches up from the knee cap and about 2”’s to the outside of centerline (if looking at knee seated, to the right side of your body on right leg). Jabbed a 1” 23 gauge needle and never felt a thing. I decided to aspirate since there are quite a few blood tubes in there, got the clear bubble and she was injected.

Finished with a couple air squats because, you know, bro.

I shoot straight into my nuts.

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My nuts have shrunk so much idk if I could hit them with a needle