Where Do You Guys Prefer to Inject?

I just got my test from pharmacy and not sure where to inject. I was planning on my lower abdomen or glute. Is one better than the other?

Another thing about HCG, can i inject my hcg and testosterone on the same day to make things more convenient?

Also…my SHBG is at 26 nmol/L
SNSE2 19.12pg/ml
HLH 0.75mlu/mL

(Regarding my previous thread)

Are you doing IM or sub Q?

I’ve been doing it in my but. Right cheek likes it better than left. I really want to try delt and quad. Just skeered

Was planning on SubQ from what I have been reading it says its better

Some people prefer it because its more convenient, but don’t get stuck with one method of delivery, I did myself a huge disservice by sticking with SubQ for so long.

If your doing SUBQ the most injected spot is the stomach fat.

IM, people rotate quads, delts.

Kk thanks, is it okay to do my hcg on same day as test?

You are going to be scared when you hit your sciatic nerve going in the ass like that

I inject using 1/2" 29 gauge insulin syringes in the shoulders and quads.

I don’t just jab random places in my but. Just like any injection sight of the body, there are no fly zones. Just like you wouldn’t randomly pin your shoulder or leg, you shouldn’t be randomly pinning your but.

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I don’t think I could be talked into shooting in the glute. Everywhere else is easier. And yes, you can inject HCG the same day, some sub Q guys do it in the same needle in one shot.

I’m pretty new to TRT 10 weeks in and I like injecting in the quad.

It’s a pain in the ass man.


I hated trying to pin my Glute and finding the right spot.

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How do you feel so far after 10 weeks?

I couldn’t imagine trying to do my glute injections by myself. Just don’t think I’m that flexible and accurate.

I rotate 6 sites, going clockwise. Right delt, right glute, left glute, left delt, left quad, right quad.

I use 25g needles. 1” for glutes and quads, and 1/2” insulin syringes for delts. My wife does my injections for the most part, though I can do them on my quads. I could probably manage the delts myself too, but I won’t even try the glute on my own. Just let the wife do it and I know that I’ll never have to worry about misjudging the zone and having a stray sciatic collision.

If my wife wasn’t there to help me out I would probably just stick to quads. I can reach the delts, but I wouldn’t be able to aspirate, and that’s a deal breaker for me.

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Aspiration isnt necessary. I’ve been pinning for years and have never done it.

I pin my glute by myself and it’s interesting lol. What position is your leg in when you pin quads?

I wouldn’t argue the point with you brother, because your experience trumps mine exponentially!

I will say this though…I’ve read that if you ever do accidentally inject into a vein, the oil will make you think you’re dying. That’s an experience I think I would rather avoid altogether… The extra 3 seconds it takes to aspirate is WELL worth the peace of mind…for me anyways.

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I’ve done seated upright and partially straightened out. Doesn’t make a difference in the world to me. Find the position that is most comfortable for you that is easiest for you to completely relax the muscle. As long as the muscle is not tensed up, the injection will go just fine.

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I know it was the standard a while ago and several of us have had the conservation here from time to time. I was just responding to your point since it keeps you from rotating your delts in the mix. If you’re willing, I’d give it a try. Delts are great sites because of the frequent movement.

I gotcha…I do pin delts. I don’t know if you missed my first post but I pin delts, glutes, and quads.

I just don’t do it by myself…When it’s a glute or delt day, I just have my wife do it…