Where Do You Guys Get Needles/Syringes/Alcohol Wipes?

Sorry if I’m not allowed to ask this - just delete if so.

Defy’s prices aren’t bad at all, and I looked at some of these bulk sites but they look so sketchy. Amazon has some decent prices for brands I’ve never heard of. Really just want to make sure I’m not sticking myself with an unknown bacteria to save 5 cents.

Google has many uses, you get the world at your fingertips. Unknown bacteria, what are you talking about?

“29 gauge insulin syringes”

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Some sketchy looking sites…but holy shit these have a needle built in?! No more swapping needles?! Incredible technology

Amazon, I just use 30g 1/2" insulin syringes and back fill or preload several at a time

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30g isn’t impossible to draw with? I use 27g now and it’s slow but just fine for daily injections (.1ml)

It’s slow but works fine. I’ve started back filling to avoid having to draw through such a small needle though.

I belive its totaldiabetesupply.com syringes are real cheap.

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I think this is the same place I bought 30g 1/2 inch 1cc easy touch insulin syringes. They work great