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Where Do You Get Your Own Labs Ordered?

I’ve been using Discounted labs for over 5 years. They have good service and I’ve always been satisfied with them. The problem is that they recently switched over to sending the lab orders to Quest instead of LabCorp. I have nothing against Quest, but have I frequently compare labs from one set to another and so i want to continue with LabCorp.

  1. I’ve very interested in where the rest of you get your own labs ordered (i.e., labs requested by you and not ordered by your doc)?

  2. Does anyone know of a place where I can continue to get the orders sent to LabCorp?

I just used these guys https://www.walkinlab.com/


They send a 15% off discount code every month. Make sure to use it. Prices as good as or better than discounted labs.

Thanks for the replies! Do either or both of walkinlab or privatelabs use LabCorp? Just wondering if you know off hand. I’ll check them out and see when I have a minute. Still have about 4 weeks before my next set of labs.

you can order labcorp labs through

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Discount Labs is another that goes through Labcorp.

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Not anymore. They switched to Quest this week. That’s why I’m looking because I want to stick with labCorp for consistency with my labs from the last 5+ years.

Privatemdlabs uses labcorp. At least they did the last several times I’ve used them.

Thanks everyone for your replies! Going to investigate my choices and make a decision on a new lab vendor. I need to do a new set of labs in about 3 weeks.

I did a little research on test availability and pricing. It looks like I can get the tests done at LabCorp through with Walk-in Labs or Private MD Labs (they use LabCopr according to galgenstrick), but at about 1.8X what i used to pay at Discounted Labs and about 1.6X what I could pay at Discounted Labs if I were to switch over to Quest. Got some thinking to do.

I only have experience with Private MD Labs from your list. I know the trick with them is to find a panel that includes most of these items and it will be way cheaper than $400, but maybe not down to $230. I’m not sure that you will find a panel with these exact items. They also have a monthly 15% off code to include too.

You have a note that says private md labs doesn’t tell you the lab they use. It’s more work, but they do tell you the address of the lab so you could look it up. It is labcorp in my city.

Try this. Hormone panel for men is $180 and has everything you want in it (and a lot more) but doesn’t have SHBG. Which is $56 as you said. So just add that on and it’s $236.


Total is $236 - 15% = $200.6

Thanks! I’ll have to dig a little further into Private MD labs web site. I just don’t want to pay those prices only to end up at Quest.

Actually Discounted labs have several discount codes too ranging from 10% to 20% depending on the amount you spend, so that cancels out the cost difference between the two.

Private MD has an option for “build your own panel” I need to explore further. That might bring their cost down a little. I really only need for the Free T test to be from LabCorp so that i can finish my dose-response experiment (see below). I’m currently working on the last point (140mg) and then i will make a final decision on future dosing. The rest I can get buy using Quest. I might drop the IGF-1 too.

What bug me though is that Discounted Labs claims that 95% of their tests are the same or lower price than LabCorp. That certainly doesn’t hold true for that labs I frequently order! The only upside I see is that the Quest draw station is only 7 miles from my house, whereas the LabCorp is 30 miles.

Here’s my dose-response experiment results so far:

See my post above. The labs you want are only $200 through privatemd. And also include thyroid, CBC and CMP.

Thanks! I’ll need to explore the panel pricing more.

I use https://www.ultawellness.com/ … They use Quest and also send you discount offers up to 15 - 20%