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Where Do You Get Your Online News?


I was wondering what most of you use as your go to online news destination. I hate going to the network sites and am looking to add a few bookmarks to my list.




I really like Realclearpolitics.com

Articles from all over the political spectrum, Along with polls, videos, etc.


I only go to PWI.



Does it even matter where news comes from? Information is shared all over the web.


You can personalize news feeds with Google.




The Daily Show.


LOL My personal preference is Tosh.0. What? It's a news show.



Interestingly enough this is true for me as well. I figure if it's important, PWI will be arguing about it. But sometimes I do like to just skim through some articles of whats going on in the world and get it from varying sources so I can hold a semi-intelligent conversation with anyone if they go the current events/politics/news route on me.



This is my favorite method.


I've cut way down from my news junkie days. Now it's just the New York Times. Occasionally reason.com to remember I'm not alone.


Thanks for your input!



A few of the sights I get news from are:

Walter Russell Mead

Steve Sailor

Dr Eades


Al-Jazeera: http://english.aljazeera.net/


Al-Jazeera: http://english.aljazeera.net/


Fox News. Bring the hate, bitches.





Here is a counterintuitive thought: The less news one pays attention to the more informed one will be. In fact, just reading the headlines on any RSS news feed is more informative than actually reading the articles they link to. It should only take one sentence to report any news artifact -- who, what, where, when.

My biggest issue with news reporting is why we should care about some spot on the other side of the world that we have never been to. It's information overload. It is my belief that the instant availability of information has turned us into a culture of busybodies.

The news these days is not about reporting facts but rather about swaying popular opinion.

Mainstream news is the worst and should be avoided altogether.


Drudge Report


the blaze