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Where Do You Get Syringes and Needles?

Where do you guys get your syringes and needles online?
I’m tired of the cheap ones I’ve used for years of TRT.
Bulksyringes seems like a non-listed off brand.
Healthwarehouse wants you to scan your government issued photo ID at the end of check out.

I want Luer lok 3cc syringes with 18ga draw and 23ga x 1" for IM injection.
I have prescribed test cypionate.

I tried the ‘search’ function first, btw.


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Thanks highpull.

One Amazon buyer got Exel when it was BD advertised (posted a pic). That’s the kind I have and want a higher quality. BD would be great if it’s really going to be BD. Exel is poor quality.

This site usually flips out when you start posting site that aren’t sponsors.
I get my 27ga 1/2 easy touch from otcwholesale about 13 buck a 100.

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GPZ med lab

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GPZ is who I use.

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WestEnd Medical Supply online.

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I get the BD 3ml syringe with either a 23g or 25g needle for .25 cents each at walgreens. They are the same Leur Lock that allows for changing of syringes to switch from drawing then injecting needles.

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Thanks NH_Watts, I never knew of them. I used to use Nipro, they’re better than Exel anyway.
I’m looking for a smooth action stopper so I can get the cyp out with the smallest ga.

newbvet < I went through a batch with the injection size already on the syringe. I figure I’ll get a 18 or 20ga loaded on and switch after the draw from now on. Never had an infection. I guess I’m willing to pay .25 each for the right unit, thanks!

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Ive never had an issue with the nipro or exel TBH. I use 1ml syringes and they have nearly zero waste. I load with 18g and inject with 30g. 1.5" and 5/8" respectively.

Westend medical

Fast as hell with shipping.

Do you draw with 27g? The smallest needle I’ve used is 25g and I draw with that. If you do draw with it how’s the draw time?

Why would you draw with a 27g ? It would take longer to draw vs using a 20g. I draw with a 20g and inject with a 23g. I sometimes inject with a 25g but I find it awkward because it takes so long.

I don’t think it takes that long to inject with a 25g…I go at the rate I feel comfortable with and never encounter resistance. The drawing doesn’t take very long either.

Yes I draw with the 27ga it takes about 15 seconds. My T cyp is kept at room temp about 73F. The drawtime is no issue for me.
My T cyp is in grapeseed oil which is the lightest weigh of the three oils. cottonwood seed oil is the thickest.

I have grape seed oil as well. Think I’ll buy 27g next time. Thanks!