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Where Do You Get Stuff?


No i dont wanna juice...but im really curious as to how you guys originally got this stuff...like your first time. If you got it off the street...werent you scared it was fake? I mean someone has to get it somewhere...did you ask around at gyms...i just dont get how that works. No i dont wanna juice...but im really curious as to how this works.


Go to GNC.

Tell them you want to see the good stuff.

They keep it out back in storage. LOL.



can you be serious?


I don't think post people would post that... I could be wrong.


You could be right.


alright then atleast answer this...why are pyramid doses considered bad?


I wouldn't say that they are bad, some people still use the pryamid cycle. I used to cycle that way. It just depends on the person.



I was fortunate enough to have a coach who was very informed (for the time) on beans and who was also a distributor for a major bootlegger in the '80s, so he had a large stash on hand ready to be used when his prized athlete came of age. This was how I started until I started going to Mexico and now I just use the web.


no problem answering from my own experience. you already know that you're not ready, so i think its a question posed with some sort of, ummm learning intent, i guess.

I was fortunate enough to have friends with connections. I was very wary of the local "sources" I was intoduced to through fellow gym members.....so i just went with what some of my experienced buddies suggested when it came to who to buy from. of course i took the time to research AAS and known counterfits/fakes and was very wary in that regard.

those days are over though. homebrewing is the best way to go IMO. cuts out the middle man, and you know you are getting quality products, you know exactly whats in it, what dose, what volume is in the vials, you are sure of its sterility, and you don't get fucked over paying ridiculously marked up street prices. thats all assuming that your powder source is top notch and your brewing techniques are sound.


but it is the same consequence when home brewing, correct? you still have to get the stuff from somewhere, somebody, right?


My first cycle just arrived and i am yet to begin it. I found somebody else with a credit card and the knowledge of a legit website. I give the money, they take the risk and a local drug store pharmacist checks out the legitimacy of what i ordered. Beautiful.

On another note, juice, galvatron and jw, do you know anything along the lines of colleges testing for anti E's when administering drug tests?



Isnt this like the eighth thread you've posted in the steroids forum? If you're going to do them just come out and say it


Pssssst.. hey. wanna buy a Q??


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He's 17 and "wants to be knowledgable"..mmkay?


I would just ask for a list of substances tested for. Or ask if the anti-e your using is tested for if concerned. I know it gets expensive when a wider test is used, so chances are anti-e's aren't covered.


From a Van....down by the river!


be more specific and i can help you. are you talking about athletic dept tests? if so, name the sport and i can help.


Personally I've been buying from a supplement store various supps over a year now. bout two weeks ago I checked out the owner was alone and I was like. 'do you still sell any protein powder?' (stupid question, really stupid considering I've been buying protein powders from the same fella for over a year...hehe)

He was like "Hehe errr....yeah...obviously..." then I told him "eh....ok....gear??" He laughed, looked at me and told me "Yeah sure, what do you want?". Voila, roids on da way(sill on da way anyway). It's easier to buy roids than to find a proper PCT. It may sound strange but round here it's that way. Now I gotta ask some pharmacy around bout some nolva.

You gotta have the balls to ask to get what you need, thats the way it works for me.