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Where Do You Find Faith?


For those of you who are not religious, where do you find your faith? More specifically what makes you trust that things will turn out alright in the midst of adversity?

I'll give a bit of background here to show where I'm coming from. I had a few surgeries to remove a pilonidal cyst in the past few years. In the time since it has come back a few times and the scar has also opened up. Anyways I haven't been able to lift properly since, and just got cleared to start everything but squatting. I was discharged from the wound care center 3 weeks ago and told to just keep it clean and dry. Its really hard to do both those things, but I'll spare the details.

Anyways I've been paranoid of it opening up ever since. It is really tender and sometimes I can swear its open, only to find out its not. By myself I can't even see the entire area so a certain level of worrying is derived from that. I'm in college right now, only my 3rd day but its hindering my ability to just relax and have fun. Don't get me wrong I'm going out and doing stuff, but its constantly in the back of my mind.

So basically I'm asking where you guys find the ability to trust that things will work out for the better. Also I'm an exercise science major and dying to start olympic lifting cause theres a great coach here so the pressure is on.


I don't.

It sort of kills me.


I can't tell if you're serious. But if so sounds like were in the same boat haha


Why would you ever trust/believe that things turn out alright? Life isn't a fairy tale with a happily ever after ending.


Not in the sense of happily ever after. The past couple of years has taught me theres no happily ever after and that everyone deals with their own shit. I just mean on a smaller level I guess. I know this post sounds dumb, I'm just trying to make sense of some stuff and obviously have my shit much less together than some of you older guys.


A lot of people try to make sense of stuff by turning to God or flying spaghetti monsters. Chances are when death comes it will just be nothingness for all time. Just embrace the fact that this life is all you got, the cards have been dealt and will continue to be dealt; sometimes they are dealt regardless of what path you take. The rest is details. There are no rules, God didn't make any plans, there are no princesses in other castles. People die, people get cancer, broken hearts, born deformed, etc. There doesn't have to be a reason why. It's just how it is. The best you can do is make most of life and do your best to be happy.

What happened to you sucks, but no one can guarantee it will get better. All you can do is deal with it.


I have the same view point on life as yourself, mostly. I guess what I"m struggling with now is my major is exercise science and I love to lift. so having that up in the air is really stressful. I appreciate your input


I refuse to let the opposite happen.


Things will always turn out alright as long as you are not broken. Because your future, happiness and success are not determined by a single event in time, nor is there a singular path one must take to achieve these.

You should not blindly trust that this adverse event will turn out fine. What you DO need to have faith in is that everytime shit happens in life, there are still multiple different paths in front of you that will lead to a favourable outcome.

If you allow yourself to be broken, you will not see them.


I don't have faith that anything is going to magically turn out fine, I have faith that I'm hard working and smart enough to keep plowing through when things are bad.

I believe in myself, that's my faith that I'll get through it. And taking a step back and realizing that many of the issues you face aren't nearly as big as they seem in the moment.



I rely on me, I control my life. To look back and think that I could have done something more, destroys me.

You just have to do the best you can do with the cards you're dealt, what else is there to it? Fight/conquer/reflect and use that to Fuel your fire for your next fight.




I have a lot of respect for your guys view on life. Seems only fitting that most of you rely on yourselves to determine your future. I guess why I'm freaking out is cause I love what I'm studying and don't want to change majors, or even more don't want to stop lifting. I've been humbled on multiple occasions meeting people on campus who are dealing with much more serious shit. Still a mental struggle for me though and it feels good to get this off my chest to some likeminded people


Yes, some people are dealing with more serious shit (death in family, cancer, etc) but just because someone in Africa is starving doesn't mean you aren't allowed to feel full. Every one has their own internal battles and you have yours. Maybe some are more valid than others, but the only person who has a different reality because of your problems is you.

Sometimes when we're feeling down, we tend to make (big) impulsive changes because we want out of this uncomfortable situation. Give it some time. You said it's only your 3rd day of college. Chances are a lot of the courses you are taking are prerequisites, meaning they're courses taken for many majors, so it isn't wasted time. You have been cleared to do everything but squat....so do everything but squat. I'd advise you to err on the side of caution, as in take it slow, but that's me. Explain to the Olympic coach your situation and maybe he can get the ball rolling...slowly.
If ever a year or two down the road you feel you can't take this path anymore (exercise science and lifting) then do something else. You always have options. They may not be the best/favorite options, but they are options. Never stop moving forward, and when things seem like you're at the bottom of the barrel, take a step back and evaluate the situation. Sit down with pen and paper and write the situation out, and the available actions you can take with pros and cons (kinda like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmXGx1Aak4k - being on shitter is optional).


I don't just trust that things will work out. I take responsibility for what happens to me and try to do better.

Thing often don't work out, they often go completely to shit. I've had that happen to me enough times to know I always need more than one backup plan. If you're still alive, you're still in the game.


Hope for the best
Prepare for the worst
Expect nothing


Exactly. And to the OP, maybe do some reading about stoicism. You don't need a happy ending to be happy within yourself.


I was being serious earlier.

It helps to will yourself to look at the positive sides of an experience. Even if there is no positive side.


If you smile all the time the odds are better things will end happily.


I look at this in a different light...ever meet someone with lung cancer? Those motherfuckers are going to do and die quick and largely due to the fact that they smoked.

Your problem seems less definite...