Where Do You Feel Deadlifts?

I’ve come across stuff that said you shouldn’t be feeling sore in your lower back after deadlifting- but rather in your upper back or hamstrings. I’m a noob- not at all pulling a lotta weight- 120kg is my max.
But I do have lower back pain the day after deadlifts. The entire posterior chain feels hammered-but feel it mostly in my lower back.
So am i doing anything wrong- or is the source of my info bs?

I’m a bodybuilder. That being said, I deadlift a lot and in the beginning stages I would say it’s completely normal to have a sore lower back after deadlifting. i wouldn’t give it a second thought if it’s just standard soreness and your form is in check. Your lower back is probably just the weakest link right now…

How many reps are you doing?

Well I can tell you that the first couple of years I deadlifted my low back got sore a lot. My flexibility and form were terrible, and I ended up getting injured.

Now my flexibility and form are much better and my low back does not get sore. I do still reaggravate my injury every once in a while, usually after I notice my form has broken down a bit.

Maybe we’re different and you just get sore from deadlifting. Still, if you can, I suggest you have someone check your form, or videotape yourself deadlifting.

Mostly in my balls because they get bigger with every pound.

Your back is sore because your form is off, I havent even seen you lift but I am positive this is the problem. Unless your form is good, then your hamstrings are weak. Either way, work the shit out of your form. I put some stuff in the other thread you started, check it out.

A little bit in my low back, but mostly hamstrings, traps, rhomboids, lats and sometimes my rear delts.

The one time I got deadlifting right (or the first time, whatever) my entire back was sore for the next few days (in a good way). Besides that one thing, I don’t so much feel it in any one place as I do everywhere.

Do you use a belt? If not…get one.

I started to get back into lifting about 8 months ago. I refused to wear a belt. I always worked through the lower back pain and strain, thought it was part of the game, then rip. Once I healed up I bought myself a belt and never looked back.

Definitely should not feel it in your lower back mate IMO.

If you are it is because you are using your erector spinae as hip extensors which (as has been suggested) is usually because your form is off.

Your erector spinae should be used isometrically to brace your lower back and hold your lumbar spine in place, your arse and hamstrings should be the ones extending at the hip.

I have a long history of pulling like a mongoloid my lower back would be so sore from some sessions that my back would sieze up when I walk away from the gym. I would have to sit down for 20 minutes just so I could walk home! (thought this was normal at the time).

Now that I try and use my quads to get it past my knee and push my arse forward to lock out lower back is much better.

I would echo what others have said and say that their is likely something amiss with your technique if you are feeling it your lower back. If my DL form is on point, the load is relatively evenly distributed throughout my whole backside. I might get some soreness the next day, but it’s mild soreness through my whole back and hamstrings. If I feel it disproportionately in my lower back I’ve done something wrong.

wouldn’t it depend on whether your lifting sumo or conventional for where soreness is most?

You should feel it everywhere from your traps to your hamstrings. If you feel it the most in your lower back, then your lower back is either weak or it’s doing most of the work. It’s counter intuitive but sometimes your strongest muscle group ends up the most sore, because it’s doing most of the work.

I feel it in my ego the most because my deadlift is fucking horrible.

I too feel it most in my lower back if I’m doing hi reps or a max. I have since learned my glutes are not firing properly and are really weak. This is now my primary goal as my deadlift has stalled and actually gone down recently.

Work on form and mobility.

The only time I ever feel it at all in my lower back is without a belt. Once I got a belt it was a night and day difference.

Nice little line down the posterior chain, after a high volume deadlift session you should have feelings similar to having been hit by a rhino, but distributed down your traps descending to your hamstrings.

Same thing as others have said. After a good deadlift session my entire backside will be sore, from my traps all the way down to my calves.

The day after my lower back is the least noticeably sore and I definitely wouldn’t call it pain.
The hamstrings and traps will be noticeably sore but even then it is a comfortable sore. My hamstrings give out first on rep maxes.

Pain or injury? No. Muscular fatigue, tenderness or DOMS? Yes.