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Where Do You Draw Your Inspiration?


I was wondering where everyone draws there inspiration. I suppose mine is mixed. I have cancer, am on chemo but am doing well and you would never know of my sickness. I want to run away from being a victim and being the most healthy and strong I can be despite excuses. I have gained fat and am working out hard and eating better than I ever have.

Another thing is that a friend said he saw me marrying another women, someone more athletic, someone more like myself . . . instead of an overweight lazy wife that I have now. Something about that told me that I am worth more and do not have to settle. Now I am not going to get a divorce but it showed me that someone else saw me different as I was seeing myself. I was not living up to my potential. I was wasting what God gave me in my body and knowledge about training and nutrition.

I just want to know where you draw your inspiration to get up and train. Whether it is you just want to get cut, bigger, stronger . . . why do you want all of this. I feel thert is an underlying reason why we all make these sacrifices and I want to know why. Thanks.


First of all u should be commended on your heart and resolve with regards to training in spite of the detriment of cancer u sir are an inspiration in itself.

For me my inspiration will always be the people in my life who always doubted ridiculed or disparaged me when I was position or state wherein defending myself was not an option. It keeps me going and always will. The feeling I get from a new orpr or even a simple good training session is a natural high

I hope one day to meet each and everyone thAt knocked me while I. Was down and let them see that I got back up in all facets of life


My motivation hmmmmmmmmm...

I am a Personal trainer/conditioning coach I have to look the part and at 40 it is harder to do than at 30.

But the real deal is I love to train and push myself in this endeavor because it is all me no one else, I control everything the vertical and horizontal if you will.

Also I am an annomaly to say the least more like a Mutant because I was born with Polysplenia and did not die. I had a pacemaker installed at the age of 37 with the doctors saying " Well I hope this works". I am not promised tomorrow at all.

In the end it is for me and me alone that I derive this need to excel/push the envelope/live life fully.


Watching my father have a stroke and disintegrate before my eyes. Makes me want to have the best quality of life I can. Also, there's such a sweetness in pushing yourself beyond what may seem possible. It's just an incredible high. Physical strength helps me with mental strength as well.


I was a fat kid.


First of all, Navin, my heart goes out to you. By having cancer, but not just giving in because of it, you are already fighting and winning the good fight.

My inspiration I guess comes from knowing that inside me there is always MORE. The capability to do MORE. You know?

I like seeing the poundages increase as I get stronger or see that reps increase or what have you. I love the knowledge that my loving, wonderful wife is behind me all the way and supports me.

And I guess I take a lot of inspiration (I probably should not admit this on a forum) from the latent, smoldering rage that I harbor inside me from the abusive childhood I suffered through. It's kind of the only way I know how to get rid of some of it. Just get angry at the wieght and push it harder. Or the rage that builds needlessly from assinine forum arguments when people call you stupid because you made the mistake of admitting that you workout differently than most people.


Man I shouldn't have gone down this road. Ima depress myself.



Mine is superficial, I just want to look better than I did, and to see mu numbers go up and know I'm getting stronger. And hopefully bring my blood pressure down.



Your certainly not alone my inspiration derives from that as well


Matty, I've got a feeling you and I could discuss much, and become great friends in the process.


Without a doubt Hoss. It was a very tough road as I am sure it was for you, ironically enough I could not do it w/o my wife either, she has put up with my issues for 15 years and I am not ashamed to say if she wasnt around I dont think my prospects would have been good.

Keep on Truckin