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Where Do You Buy Your Ammo?


Ive been looking for a site that sells some relatively cheap ammo. Where do you guys get yours?


cheap ammo? haha h ahaha. good one.




These guys are not exactly "cheap", but its not too expensive. It's also great quality.


Since nothing is available right now (thanks Obama), you are better off finding someone who reloads and paying them. Although my friends who reload can't even get primers regularly any more. I would recommend conserving what you can get for the forseeable future.


"Nothing is available" ??? :frowning:


I drive out here to buy my ammo. Looks like you have to have shells now:


Never had a problem with any of their ammo I've used (380, 9, 38, 357, 44, 45). Haven't bought any in a while since last time I was there I spent ~$1000. They're really nice people. Wanted to know if the 380 would feed correctly in the GFs gun, he handed her a handful of ammo and told her to go pop some off out back until satisfied.


Everything is so damn expensive, latley ive been buying from http://www.sportsmansguide.com

It used to cost me 32$ for around 350 rounds of 8mm, now it's up around 100$. FML.


These guys are nuts. I will never get ammo from them. Their prices are insane, sometimes double of what I get from the 3-4 local gunstores in my neck of the woods in Pa.

The answer is wherever I can find whatever I need. The bargain days are done. Demand is at an all time high and i don't see it coming down.


http://bellsouthpwp2.net/s/c/scgunguy/rangerlist.htm This is a good guy to deal with if you go online. Prices are as good as I've seen locally.


I ended up buy a .22 just so I'd have somthing to shoot, can't find 9mm anywhere consistantly and when you do it's $20 or more for 50 rounds.


I'ts a good time to learn to reload your own.... plus, if you have friends that just buy it and toss away the case like mine do, have them save em and buy em lunch everytime they give you a bucket of brass.... best investment I ever made, and its actually fun..... just crank some music and go....


Check cabelas website, you might have to back order it.

I know budsgunshop and ableammo sell good products.
I just got a mosin nagant not too long ago and it's fairly cheap to shoot if I get military surplus ammo.



app. 12$ -15$ for regular ball ammo here. The 22 is a good option though.


Yep. It's very difficult to find handgun ammo right now. You can check out the online stores like cheaper than dirt. Everything is "out of stock". Try going to a gun store, and if you aren't there right when the shipment comes in, you are out of luck. Obama's election caused a huge run on ammo, mostly because he and his pals are pushing for laser-engraved bullet serialization, which would increase ammo prices by at least 2X, probably much more. Another proposed law would outlaw reloading your own ammo, or require a federal license to do the same. They can't get a national gun ban past the Supreme Court right now, so they are trying to destroy the ammunition industry, which would essentially have the same effect.


Buy the reloading equipment now, get a nice melter for 100 bucks, molds for the bullets are cheap....

All you need then is powder and a primer (plus brass but you should have that anyways).... primers and powder are really very cheap if you buy in bulk.... plus, the "bullet melter" can be a used for other casting activities, I use mine to demo castings and made a an RTV silicon rubber mold of a dragon that I cast as demos for highschool / middle school students of our mascot, a dragon.....


I've never tried it, but I've read that you can grind up the tips of match-heads for primer (maybe should be careful with "grinding", though :slight_smile: ), and the rest of the matchheads for powder. The performance isn't as good as commercial stuff and it is corrosive, but it would function as powder and primer in a pinch.


Wal-Mart? Wolf's always cheap, and decent too


I used to order from these guys when I did a lot more shooting:


Found the prices reasonable and never had a problem with delivery. About ten years ago, I could get 0.223 for about 25 cents a round, now it looks like it's around 30 (wolf). Not bad. I'm a little dissapointed I don't see tracer rounds on the site anymore.

You do have to send them a copy of your license (fax, e-mail, regular mail) for age verification purposes.



wolf is pretty messy though. and prone to malfunctions.

have you shot a lot of it? i've always tried to stay away from wolf