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Where Do You Buy Ammo?


A gun is nothing without ammo. Obviously. Unfortunately it can be expensive or unavailable. Where do you purchase yours? Do you buy the fancy stuff or go cheap? Bulk or buy the box?


Cheaperthandirt.com. Whatever is available. I reload and it was getting pretty hard to fimd decent lead (I am mostly a hornady guy) but the stock is creeping back in.


Cheaper than dirt can suck a bag of dicks. Those motherfuckers were one of the first to price gouge the shit outta people when Barry stirred up the gun bullshit. Plus they are in fact NOT cheaper than dirt....

aimsurplus.com excellent prices, reasonable shipping. and did not raise their prices this whole time.

gunbot.net is also a great ammo seeker site that compiles ammo stock for you. Pretty good resource.


Maybe those who stirred up the shit were those who stood to profit.


Wal-mart. Its the only local place other than gander mountain that ever has anything in, and its much cheaper there. The trick to getting ammo at Walmart is to ask the people working sporting goods what time they actually stock it, because as soon as its on the shelf it gets bought up.


Ya, I hate Wal-Mart, but they are the only local place I can ever find any .45 or 9mm. The Dicks Sporting Goods never has anything except shells.


I've ordered through gunsamerica.com before I think.


Right now, wherever I can find it. I usually buy from my local sporting goods guy though. He is a little higher than the big box stores on some things but he tries to keep it reasonable and even posts his invoice price on ammo so that you can see for sure that he is only making his standard markup. Know him personally so I know that he is a standup guy.


If it's just target rounds I buy some whenever, where ever I find it reasonably priced.

For hollow points I buy from streicher's they sell it in boxes of 50 instead of the usual 25 making practice(testing) round performance in my semi autos a reasonable cost. Before the ammo shortage they had Gold Dots for $25 for 50 in 9mm.


There was a great deal at Dick's the other day. I am not finding availability a problem anymore.
Online is way more expensive than brick and mortar I have found.

I buy decent plinking stuff, a few boxes of high grade for self defense and a little to practice with.


I agree, they must deal with some expensive ass dirt if they think they are cheap.
All the online stuff has been a rip off, I do much better at gun shops and outdoor shops.

I have been finding 9 mm for $13-$15 on average and .45 for 21$.


I ordered 3 100rd boxes of Winchester .45 ball from Cabela's $47 a piece. Hovering around that $.40-.50 a shell mark is as good as I have found for the .45.


The only caliber I have issues finding now is .45. I have found online dealers being more expensive than expected also. However, I feel it is much easier to buy in bulk online. A lot of places where i'm at have a limit on how much you can purchase at a time. One good site is thesportsmanguide.com. Pretty fair pricing and all orders over $150 can be paid in 4 monthly installments.


Yeah, they always have really easy people to deal with as well. I have several things from them and service was great every time.

Edit: Should add that I did pay the fee for the buyers club card, ordered enough between sportsmanguide, workwearsavings, and truckmonkey that it made it worth it.


You can go cheaper and get Wolf, Tulammo or Fiocci for .35-.40 per round. I've had no issues with .45 Tulammo and Wolf.


I buy from both Bulkammo.com and Luckygunner.com. Both will have bulk deals so I generally buy whats on sale.


I don't care for cheaperthandirt.com --- it does tend to be expensive. But I do check it out and shop around.

aimsurplus.com (really good for Soviet stuff)
gunbroker.com (from individuals, usually really useful for odd rounds)

I've been reloading with tungston core bullets and loading my own for 7.62X51 (aka .308) just because it's badass. Reloading is markedly cheaper, especially if you save your own brass.


www.gunbot.net then I buy what is cheapest. Try to find a place out of state for no sales tax but close enough where you will not have to pay a ton in shipping.

I also started reloading. If you shoot rifle cartridges with any frequency, you will save a ton and can develop a custom loading for your rifle. I do handgun rounds on it too, but I have a single stage press and it can be a chore where the time spent does not offset the cost for 9mm and maybe .40 S&W. Revolver rounds and .45 ACP you can see some savings. There was a big shortage on a reloading components as well as ammo, and its starting to come back around.


Its not that bad if your looking for common calibers but, i tend to get blank stares when i ask for 7.62x39 or 10mm.


umm, NO, thank you for adding NOTHING to the discussion Libtard.