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Where Do Y'all Inject?

Just finished my first ever cycle of test E and I really did not look forward to the injections. I injected in my glutes. I’m not scared of needles but just the thought of hitting a vein had me shaking and sweating lol. Most the times I would put the needle in, feel a sharp pain like I hit a nerve or something and then have to pull out, replace the needle and inject again.

I wanted to know what is y’alls fav site to inject as I might be injecting eod on my 2nd cycle. Thanks

Ass cheeks. Altho I just started a cycle that involves ED injections so I’m gonna try slins and other sites soon.

I just like you injected 2 times per week in to the glutes rotating both sides. But had PIP one day and I was unable to inject in to my left side, so I just thought what the hell and tried the cursed quad injection and it was so much better, I could use two hands properly and see exactly what I’m doing. My veins are very visible probably I just have thin skin or something so I was able to see where to inject and let me tell you there are a lot of veins and nerves in that site, so guys with thicker skin just can’t see them and pin it to nerve/vein…
Also make sure to aspirate, because you didn’t mention doing it and it’s dangerous not to do so.

It’s a mental thing for me. Something about slamming a 23g inch needle into my quad make me cringe.

Altho i wont have the same issue with a slin so I’m gonna be trying quads,delts,and maybe even pecks soon

I prefer outer quad closer to my hip and also delts.

I have injected both glutes and delts. Usually I got pip. Sometimes not.

Just at 1 injection pip was very serious and lasted very long. It was delts injection.

Glutes also gets pip. Sometimes swelling too

I never got used to fully it but it never prevented me from working out

However glute pip were giving discomfort while lying down

Anyway my injection was 1ml 250mg pharma sustanon

I inject sub q ed or eod with 31 gauge slin pins in the butt aka the wimpiest way possible

Usually directly into my pituitary. Bypass all that muscle bullshit and get right in there and GET THEM GAINZ.

Find a spot you don’t hate and use it. It’s (sometimes painful) trial and error. I found that quads are a no-fly-zone for me. Ventrogluteal and delts are painless and smooth for me. Everyone is a little different.