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Where Do the Canidates Stand on Life?




None of this chart is a shock, we all know liberals support abortion and conservatives appose it.

Is there a point here?

I'd much rather find out where they all stand on making sure my pension won't fall apart and how they are going to get rid of "ObamaCare" that is threatening to raise my health insurance premiums again.

Not to mention the litany of other issues (war, economy, taxes, defecit, out of control government).


Sorry the chart is smaller and difficult to read Lf! Yet on the far right it does devote a column to the subject of Obamacare. Yes a candidate who supports life tends by and large to vote the way I would on many subjects, in other words across the board. The chart does clarify republicans and their different stances.

Did you ever heal up properly? Are you on the back side of the hump ; )


Thanks for the concern (and promise not to yell at you for replying at the top LOL) :slight_smile:

Getting released for modified duty next week so I can get myself in physical shape to pass the combat test. Should take about 3 weeks of modified duty before I'm ready to insane working everyday and NEEDING to get back to shift work.

I'll see if I can make the chart large enough for my blind eyes to read it lol.


Something that works for me to see things when the print is small is Ctrl and then push the +/= right next to the backspace. You might even be able to throw your glasses away and focus on getting better = D As a side note, I posted a long time ago at the top and I saw it lines up perfectly whith who said what and it will NOT get lost after more than three people talk in a thread. I find it funny that habits really die hard lol like growing up and debating with people :o ]


implying that to support choice is to support abortion