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where do I start?

I weighed 315lbs in August of this year and now weigh 246.I would like to start a program to tone up and still help me lose weight.I would like to lose 46 more lbs.I am 39 years old and my height is 5’10".My diet consist of 40%protein,30%carbs and30%fat. I would like to lift at least twice a week untill I get to my target weight.I also keep my calorie intake at 1300 to 1500 a day for weight lose.what kind of a routine should I start? Do I do upper one day then lower the next?How many sets and how many reps also should I do free weights or circut training? Should I change my diet? Once I get to my target weight I will then ask the serious questions about bulking up.Also how much weight should I start out with and how much do I increase as time goes by.

You start with the FAQ section under the newbie question. After that, come back and we’ll be glad to help you out. You may want to start with the Dawg School: Hierarchy of Needs article at T-mag.

Well I’m a newbie but I had to learn the hard way to read the FAQ on the main page. The link is on the left and its the last link in the box there. Click it and scroll down ( the page is very long) and look for links to articles there. There are specific routines laid out for specific goals. There at least 3 workouts there for fat loss; german body comp, fat to fire and and meltdown training. I would have a look at those and see of you like any of them. :slight_smile:

Well…you should eat as much protein as you possibly can…pick your goal weight and eat that many grams of protein every day!
How much weight should you lift? well how much CAN you lift comfortably? Let’s say for 10 reps? Have you ever lifted before, do you know HOW to do the exercises? Your best bet is to go with the big multijoint lifts, squats, deadlifts, standing press…they can be the best metabolically…but if you’ve never lifted before learn how FIRST. Read everything you can about real lifting…at the top of my own list is anything written by Dave Tate who writes for t-mag…maybe a phone call or email to him might yeild you a place to lift and learn near you…if your lifting right then the weight will take care of itself. Sets and reps depend on your goals as well as stamina, also your an older lifter, I am too, I’m 43, loseing the weight itself is a byproduct of good training(assuming you’ve seen a doc and don’t have an underlying physical problem, if you havn’t that THE PLACE TO START!)the 30% fat you report in your diet is a little high, if your trying to lose fat, try shooting for 20% or less.EAT MORE PROTEIN! EAT small meals 5 to 6 a day. Learn how to workout and do it.
A little instruction goes a long way. Good Luck and Good Lifting!

Check out the Winning Formula by John Berardi - it outlines a plan to acheive real long term fat loss. Also, although you are overweight and still have a long ways to go, you need to start increasing your calories. Someone your size, should not be on less than 2000 calories for any extended period of time.

If you’re truly a beginner, then expect your strength to improve quite rapidly. You’ll want to take advantage of this, because the changes become more significant if you’re strong. As well, there was a guy named “clueless” who posted some good questions. Do a forum search used author and read the posts he was involved in.