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Where Do I Start?


I am 45 years old. Really want to look great. I am lifting and doing cardio and not getting the results I want. I read an add for cybergenics. They use HGH, Test, and DHEA. Awesome results for resculpting the body but it cost about 10,000.00 a year. I want to lose about thirty pounds or transform into muscle. I know it is still possible, I just need some help in what will do best.


You don't need anabolics to lose weight. To lose 30 lbs it would cost you 10% of that.

Go in the beginers section and start reading to make your transformation happen (i'd provide you links, but i have that section set to not appear). Your results all depend on your diet.




If you are not getting the results you want from your current cardio/lifting/diet, it's time to change all of that up. Immerse yourself in the great resources T-Nation has to offer and once you have established a great base and come to a major plateau, then you can consider taking anabolic steroids.


I am going to go slightly against what was already said and suggest going to visit and endo and get a full panel test done.

Your levels could possibly be low enough at your age that TRT/HRT could be an option for you.


x2, chances are you will be a great candidate for HRT. Any idea what your test levels are?


He's right!